DC Comics decides to focus on Tablet market for Superhero publications: Gives Barbadians a sneak preview at Anime Kon 2011

It’s amazing how perceptions are, I am aware while I do not think of myself as a Caucasian especially due to my Heinz 57 ancestry, nevertheless many Barbadians consider me “White” and if they do not know me at all, then I must be a Tourist…

"I, Vampire" is not for the faint of heart, the templates while B&W are actually colour but the audience preferred the black & white presentation, which should be a cue to the DC team?

A similar misconception emerged at Anime Kon this year, during the panel discussion, I was asking if DC is deciding to dismiss the lower end of the age demographic and I phrased it just like that – maybe this branded me a certain way…

We were not told "Y/N" regards to reproduction of images, so perhaps it's better these are blurred for copyright reasons? But this Barry Allen as he changes into the Fastest Man Alive (After Kal-El of course - knowing a whole set of Scarlet Speedsters will howl in fury, LOL)!

So after the presentation and Q&A, I sauntered up to have a casual exchange with National Periodical Publications’ (DC’s parent company’s real name) Executive Editor Eddie Berganza {Bob Harras is Ed. In Chief, he picked Eddie for the new post}, I also happened to ask if he saw an item in Gutters (This is a graphic-style website which makes regular online pokes at the Comic Book Industry of the USA, no one is safe nor sacred and all publishers are its victims, be you Dark Horse, Image, Marvel, or DC) about the proposed reboot from DC in September – wow, who tell me do that?

(CLICK FOR BIGGER) This is the pastiche from Gutters I wanted to ask Eddie Berganza about, ironically while EB may not like the lampooner of the Comics Industry, in this episode they were actually defending DC for the planned Sept Revamp, they said an intended protest at Comic-Con over the reboot is thought a tad over the top since there are so many more significant matters to be concerned over...

The man’s face clouded over real fast and he whipped around at me and grated, “So that’s YOU??” Being perfectly blunt, apart from Eddie and Chris Batista, I was the only light-skinned dude (Tobias Buckell, also Caribbean and of a lighter hue presumably was on his way back to Ohio) in the room so based on my types of questions I asked which are technical and of the industry rather than books or characters as everyone else did, then he felt I was a foreigner – he only calmed down when I said I am a Bajan and showed him my business card… He actually went, “Oh!” as a kind of sigh of relief!

Frankie goes to Bollywood? Nah, this is Frankenstein and the rest of the Creature Commandos...

DC comics is taking 52 of its most popular selling print editions and revamping them – making them post-9/11 and 21st Century compliant, the heroes won’t really be past the age of 25 now. Here’s another reason DC felt the reboot was essential {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Since DC’s appeal is now more global than before, it’s easier to sell the books as digital rather than print many copies to go everywhere, as more and more people are more likely to have a Xoom, Playbook or an iPad or iPhone than go and buy comic books.

L & R - "Booster Gold" Illustrator Chris Batista with DC's Exec. Ed. Eddie Berganza, who originally hailed from Guatemala, he learned English by watching re-runs of "The Adventures of Superman" at the age of 7

Many of the major stories which are cornerstones in DC’s History will still be referred to, but their timeline is a little shortened {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

It was felt since many of the series reached issue 900 that a lot of readers if they decided to join in felt alienated by missing so much history, however, as a means of apeasing their older stock – benchmark tales such as Killing Joke and Brightest Day, Blackest Night were kept which means folk don’t have to start their collections all over again – it’s just the history is bit foreshortened.

I swear to God, this is the dude who missed Zan & Jayna so much? How many ways can change into a bucket of water? If folks had Gold Kryptonite to pelt at him, I think they would!

Nevertheless, you get some incredibly stupid questions and this one actually concerned Hanna-Barbera’s “Super Friends” cartoon {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Believe it or not, the man you hear actually was either very brave or stupid to the point of Bizarro or Solomon Grundy – he wanted to know what happened to the Wonder Twins since he missed them! The dude was laughed at harder then the Joker and the Riddler together…

From the ridiculous to the sublime what is going to happen? They are planning to revive some of their Horror series and Twisted Westerns – despite Jonah Hex’s flop on the silver screen, DC stuck with the scarred ex-Confederate and have him moseying over to the east Coast and saddle up in Gotham City almost 200 years ago! Another series in the Fantasy genre is slightly altered in that the characters can interact with the main rebooted folk like Bats, Kal-El and Diana…

This guy was heavily into it, he knows how DC bought Wildstorm from Image and why Firestorm was no longer in the JLA - we had to ask him to breathe since he was jamming five detailed questions into a 20 second breath!

The questions from the young audience were actually more fascinating than the delivery accompanying the presentation, one such query wanted to learn if villains change like the heroes and are they nicer or nastier? {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Berganza nearly sidestepped the salvo, but then he did hint in the new Aquaman (how much cooler than his hand cut off and a hook plus a bad-ass attitude can you do? Guess we gotta scroll it up on the Tablet) there are some baddies with serious cannibalistic tendencies but we gotta wait and find out WHY??

While she had many significant roles over the years, DC felt she was best kickin' butt rather than being Daddy's Li'l Girl (Commissioner Gordon's daughter)

So now I’ve tortured you enough, what are the changes? First of all, a young lady is returned intact {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Barbara Gordon is on her two feet again, no longer Oracle she is Batgirl again – Cassandra Kane‘s role to be redefined and there may well be a new Oracle, but this Batgirl is tougher!

I remember the original Firestorm from Al Milgrom who'd seesaw betwen DC & Marvel - one half of the Nuclear Hero was a College student while the other was a Professor, since the educator was knoecked out when the transformation occurred only his sub-conscious was activated, what happens in the reboot won't be known for another 60 days at least

Everyone’s favorite schizo energy-creature also gets Rebooted {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

There’s a Ronnie and Jason plus an amalgamated Firestorm, which they plan to reflect an Arms Race

Animal Man in what still looks like a Vertigo treatment (Vertigo is DC's arm for very mature readers where ANYTHING happens and we do mean ANYTHING, ask Preacher or Transmetropolitan's Spider Jerusalem)

A hero who was sometimes approached in Swamp Thing, is now going to be treated more seriously albeit with a light-hearted way of expressing matters {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Buddy’s abilities are treated more seriously but what is different is that he tries to settle down and be a citizen as opposed to heroics, but will that lifestyle leave HIM??

DC’s version of Hellboy Creature Commandos are also making a comeback, and their squad leader Frankie (yup, short for Frankenstein) looks like World War Hulk to me {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

” … things that bump in the night and carry big guns ...” according to the Executive editor, Anime Kon patrons also learned Universal Studios was not too happy with the hair on Frankie’s GF so it had to change and not look so much like “Bride Of Frankenstein

{FULL PANEL: Izquierda A Derecha} Moderator was the redoubtable Andre Harewood, Chris Batista, Eddie Berganza and local artist who we look forward to seeing new material from - Jerry Pierrepointe

DC also plans to look at haemo-sexuals (vampires who f**p) but not the sparkly kind a la Cullen and that crowd, the one’s which are more like True Blood! Andrew Bennett is the main character for “I, Vampire” {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

With an obvious anti-Twilight reference, Eddie made sure the crowd understood the time frame was the same as the rest of the DC Universe and not separate from the Main Event folks, so at some point they’ll bisect each other

Eddie rests his backpack to take a quick moment and autograph some issues for Bajan fans

People know Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Bats and Clark Kent will be contemporised – what about the Speed Force? In the “CRISIS” series of 1986 Barry Allen was wiped out and Wally West took over as Flash, what is going on this time around? {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Barry Allen returns as the Flash, with his costume emerging from a ring like it did in the 60’s and he runs into the outfit as slides over him to fit snugly

What was cool is that quite a few of these slides and data were not only new for Bajans but was a Global Exclusive as well, some of the back-stories were not yet released in the U.S. of A! It is refreshing to have an overseas guest realise we’re not out of the loop, just next time I ask a certain set of questions – don’t assume I am an Enemy ok? LOL!

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