BERMUDA FOOD SCARE: Black widow spider discovered in grape shipment

A black widow spider similar to the one pictured above was found in a bunch of grapes bought from a Bermuda grocery store this week. *Creative Commons photo by buckeye98

Does Barbados get grapes from California? Perhaps we need to be more careful, if so? In a Hamilton grocery, an unsuspecting customer got more than they purchased when they went home to eat the fruit – a Latrodectus Theridiidae, which everyone knows better as a Black Widow spider! When they bite you, and many are cases where humans have been affected to the point of amputation, the venom if left untreated can destroy living tissue, ugh!

This is an infected Black Widow bite, which has to be lanced before further spreading occurs... {IMAGE COURTESY -}

Environmental watchdogs said theyinterceptedthe spider after being alerted by a member of the public.

It is believed to be the only black widow to have arrived in the shipment. The grocery store, which has not been named, is no longer selling grapes from the same shipment.

The supplier in California has been alerted in a bid to prevent any other such spiders arriving on the island.

The black widow carries a poisonous bite, which is occasionally deadly.

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