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Barbados Cruising Club helps kids learn to sail this summer

Barbados Cruising Club helps kids learn to sail this summer

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This summer the Barbados Cruising Club will sponsor 5 children from the Pinelands Creative Workshop to take part in the Barbados Sail Training Program that is hosted by the Barbados Yacht Club in association with LRN 2 Sail Barbados, the Barbados Sailing Association and the Barbados Optimist Dinghy Association.

The Sail Training Program, which was launched in January 2010, aims to promote sailing as a sport in Barbados and endeavours to increase local and visitor participation in it by running a year-round program that includes an after-school program and vacation courses for children, race training and private lessons.

The Barbados Cruising Club is keen to support the sailing program and is looking forward to getting kids out on the water who may not normally choose sailing as a sporting option. Commodore Mike Krimholtz says:

Sailing is a great sport, very demanding both physically and mentally. Furthermore, it is a skill that will last a lifetime and open up opportunities for careers and travel that you might not have thought possible. We are very happy to get kids out sailing, especially to help those who can’t afford to do it or wouldn’t have thought of it as an option.’


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  1. Ruth Hoad Avatar
    Ruth Hoad

    So glad to see this program continuing under sponsorship of the Cruising Club….my brother, Peter Hoad’s, dream when he revitalized youth sailing several years ago was that the sport would be accessible to all children & he organized with a local Optimist Club to sponsor kids through the Pinelands Creative Workshop – now that the originators are no longer involved, it’s wonderful to see someone else willing to carry the torch.

  2. bryan bailey Avatar
    bryan bailey

    We are interested in a monohull sailing lesson on 3/23 in Barbados for about 1/2 day. My wife will observe. Please advise on non-charter individual or a couple that might be interested to show some 40 something mid westerners how to really sail in the ocean. We are beginners, but love the excitement of making max knots with corresponding heeling! Please advise.


    Bryan and Rachel Bailey
    816 813 0258

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