Barbados’ 18 Pic-O-De-Crop Semi-Finalists 2011 (4 Ladies this time competing – White contestants are few, Never seen any Hindu)

{CLICK FOR BIGGER} The one-time Lead Vocalist of the now extinct Spice & Co, Alan Sheppard, wrote in the dead-tree edition over the weekend about Machel Montano headlining Cohobblopot, he claims the posters with Machel have been tactfully removed since his complaint; Sheppard says while he may have headlined Carnival acts in the late 80's & 90's he was not featured on TT posters - however, there are many Bajans who feel in light of not only the super-successful Montano (with US & Latin Crossovers) but the forthcoming Rihanna's "LOUD" concert that there may well be a situation where Life Imitates art when the proverbial fox spied some grapes which were out of reach (or failed to attain?)...

TENT                                        NAME                                SOBRIQUET

1               Cave Shepherd All Stars                       William Burke                               Smokey Burke

2               Cave Shepherd All Stars                       Ronald Clarke                               De Announcer

3               Cave Shepherd All Stars                       Chrystal Cummins-Beckles           Chrystal Cummins-Beckles

4               Super Gladiators                                   Andre Inniss                                  Dré

5               De Big Show                                         Miguel White                                Miguel

6               House of Soca                                       David Hall                                     Popsicle

7               Cave Shepherd All Stars                       Adrian Clarke                                Adrian Clarke

8               Bacchanal Time                                    Eric Lewis                                      Eric Lewis

9               De Big Show                                         Terencia Coward-Thompson        TC

10             Super Gladiators                                   Suzette Brathwaite                       Jael

11             House of Soca                                       Natasha Williams                          Kya

12             Celebration Time                                 Khiomal Nurse                              Khiomal

13             The Experience Tent                            Sean Carter                                   Apache

14             Bacchanal Time                                    David Piggott                                Kid Site

15             De Big Show                                         Peter Alleyne                                Adonijah

16             Headliners                                            Anderson Armstrong                     Blood

17             Cave Shepherd All Stars                       Jude Clarke                                   Hee-Haw

18             House of Soca                                       Daniel Borman                              Jimmy Dan


Bacchanal Time                                                    William Waithe                             Classic

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  1. Why are you attacking Alan Sheppard? He did more for Rihanna in the first place, he paved the way for the little nothing to jump ahead of himself and Alison Hinds!


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