“We Can Do Better – So We Must and So We Shall” – Zone Analysis from Henderson Bovell, Social Commentator

In Henderson Bovell's view; "Whatever insignificant contribution I can make, know that you can count on me. We must again believe in what Barbados and the BLP can and must be! Let’s get to work!"

If there is anyone out there who had doubts whether the Barbados Labour Party is still a beacon of hope and a remarkable Organization where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream and legacy of Grantley Adams is alive in our time; who may make the error of questioning whether the BLP is ready – do so at your peril. Sunday night (5 June 2011 at the George Lamming Primary School) was your answer.

Some might have doubted whether it would have happened and may have felt that it took some time in coming, but Sunday night, because of what we did at George Lamming Primary; at that defining moment, change will come to Barbados. There is now a new sense of common purpose, which will allow us to again believe in what Barbados and the Barbados Labour Party can and must be! The Barbados Labour Party is again ready to engage only in serious politics and the serious politics of development.

Our charismatic leader, The Hon. Owen S. Arthur, M.P., will not walk alone and shall have a partner on this journey. We will walk always aware that the challenges our country faces will be the greatest of our lifetime. Sunday night at George Lamming Primary is the chance for us to make the real change that will matter in the lives of the people of Barbados who are now under pressure.

After 73 years of existence, the BLP has come really far. We have seen many wonders, as would be expected, but Sunday night was truly magnificent.Mr Arthur was at his best and at ease with the massive crowd. As he spoke, it became crystal clear that this is our opportunity to put Barbadians back to work and open new doors of opportunity for small businesses; to restore Barbados from crisis to prosperity and to reclaim the Barbadian dream.

And so, “Team BLP” has turned the page, which will now allow it to offer Barbadians a fundamentally different choice at the next general election – not just in the policies it offers or a dynamic Team, which is skilled and competent, but in the area of unmatched leadership which has, safe, caring; experienced hands. A united BLP is the chance for Barbadians to finally come together and solve the challenges that were made worse by the DLP.

Our country has long outgrown the small politics of the DLP – the type that keeps making excuses and creates frustration because it is not delivering even though the challenges we face are great. Barbadians are yearning for new ideas; a new politics and a new type of leadership, the type that listens and knows what to do and when. Owen Arthur is that man! As our leader said, “we can do better!” I am not asking you to believe in me or what I write but in your power and ability to make things better for those who are now suffering.

"Let us therefore stand-up with courage and clear purpose. We have to work like the future of our country depends on it because it does."

Owen Arthur and “Team BLP” know what is best for Barbados but power does not conceded, and the DLP will not either, so let’s get to work. We all know how hard things are for too many Barbadians but the DLP’s notion that a global finance crisis is solely to blame for the fiscal mess Barbados is now in – is an insult. The bottom-line is, the DLP could not get it work between 1991 and 1994 and they cannot get it work now.

We all know that this is not the best of times for Barbados’ reputation within the region. It is also my view that such an abandonment of our leadership within CARICOM is a mistake. Owen Arthur can fix that. Let us therefore stand-up with courage and clear purpose. We have to work like the future of our country depends on it because it does.

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  1. Pure poppycock.

    All women in Barbados were given a collective hard slap in their faces by the gang of 5. The dethroning of the Hon. MIA AMOR MOTTLEY setback women in Barbados by at least fifty years.

    The women of Barbdos will not forget this gross insult to womanhood in Barbados.

    As leader of the Barbados Labour Party Owen Arthur will be severely punished at the polls next time around by the women of Barbados as happened in St. John recently.


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