In the midst of all the noise regarding nightclubs and threats, ace dancehall artiste, Vybz Kartel just announced he’ll be publishing a book to be released in the summer.

Kartel stated that the book has been in the making for over two years and has finally come to fruition. As a surprise to many, the intended release date of the book is July 23, 2011 on Haile Selassie’s Earthstrong but may push it forward as he thinks there is a move to discredit his book before it is even released. This is due to some recent statements he has been hearing in the media from persons trying to derail his career and destroy his character.

I think there was leak regarding some content of the book, the book is very potent, Jamaica simply cannot and will not be the same after this book is released,” explained Kartel.

For more information about "Voice of the Ghetto (or Gaza if you prefer) -Social Commentary for My People" contact Adidjahiem Records - adidjahiemrec@gmail.com

Unlike other books penned by other Dancehall artistes, this book will not be about Adidja Palmer’s life or a glorified story based on a ficticous character. Instead, the book is titled “Voice of the Ghetto (or Gaza if you prefer) – Social Commentary for My People” which is an in depth look at ghetto life in Jamaica through Kartel’s eyes, the historical causes for how Jamaica got into the problems it now has and some suggestions from Kartel on how to improve the plight of the ghetto that may astonish many.

Though the book is not about Kartel’s life, it will serve to “Crack the Kartel Code” as the world will finally get to know the thoughts of one of the most captivating and mysterious personalities ever to come out of Jamaica.

People always wonder why Kartel does the things he does? What was he thinking when he sang that song or made that statement? Where does he get his point of view from? All of my thoughts will be unveiled so if you think you knew Kartel, you will be surprised when I introduce myself to the world through this book,” Kartel stated.

When asked if he will announce a conversion to Rastafarianism or confirm his lodge membership in the book, Kartel simply said, “just read it.”

The book will touch on taboo topics from incest and abortion to the high cost of justice in Jamaica and even tackles class and racial prejudice head on.

I am not sure Society and Babylon is ready for this book. Not sure if my life will be secure after this book is released. I am telling all, I am revealing all, nothing will be held back,” Kartel warned. “My people have been silenced for too long, all the injustices have been hidden from the public; I am bringing it front and center, I am being the voice of the ghetto and let the chips fall where they may,” the Deejay declared boldly. Whilst refusing to comment further on recent allegations made about him, Kartel responded by saying, “I am focused on making music, writing books and enhancing the Portmore Empire. My business interests are not limited to rum and clubbing but I have a diversified portfolio so while others talk, I am writing books, setting up charities and reviewing business plans.”

Kartel said he is happy that he is finally putting out a product that he is sure Babylon will fight but can’t ban.

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