St Philip North Tragedy – Indar Weir exposes Michael Lashley’s TRUE constituents

There was a time when the DLP was boasting that Michael Lashley was its best Minister and the only one who was working. But even while the DLP was making that boast, ‘somebody’ was presiding over the “giveaway” of one hundred and three acres of this little rock? In fact, two hundred and twenty thousand square feet for commercial buildings had been leased to a company for 99 years for $100 a year. Now whose legacy could that possibly be? Still, intelligent Barbadians found the DLP’s allegation rather surprising because they (the people) are aware that Michael Lashley has consistently failed to meet – even the revised DLP targets on housing, as announced in the 2009 Budget.

If day-after-day, Michael Lashley is losing more and more ground in St. Philip North; has been downgraded by Prime Minister Stuart and is now being viewed by even his closest supports as: “yesterday’s news” – that is precisely because Indar Weir (the Barbados Labour Party’s Candidate for St. Philip North) has so captured the imagination of the people – that they are ‘on the move’ with him.

Could it be that the surge in support for Indar Weir, all across St. Philip North – has to do with the fact that he cares about the things that are important to the ordinary people of that Constituency and also – due to the fact that the concerns of ordinary people, are his priorities? Wherever the reason/s (and without fanfare) this man Indar Weir is on the job and busy.

We therefore wonder what Michael Lashley’s excuse will be next time around! For example, what will he say to people like David Pollard of Merrick’s Road, who needs social development assistance but who (like so many others) failed to get the assistance they were seeking, despite their Parliamentary Representative, Michael Lashley – had the awesome power and authority as Minister of Housing and Land, and Minister with responsibility for the Urban Development Commission; the Rural Development Commission, and, the National Housing Corporation. Lashley could have helped them but he did not.

It will therefore be interesting to hear if Michael Lashley will beg for more time and what reasons he will give, especially since there is no record that he did much even when he had a super ministry and could have made a difference in the lives of poor people.

Indar Weir (extreme right): More Bajans feel... This Man Deserves to be in Parliament!

If you are elected to the House of Assembly because of a passion to work hard on behalf of ordinary people, while also having the capacity to assist with Barbados’ development – then Indar Weir deserves to be given the opportunity to represent the people of St. Philip North in Parliament. There is no question that Indar Weir is a new and rare talent and the type of fresh and dynamic politician, Barbados needs to succeed. We are not surprised that the talk on the ground is that Indar Weir is on the job and busy. This second documentary is good proof.

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