Mia Mottley crusades not for a Barbadian privilege but a Universal Human Right – join her at George Lamming Primary as she helps us all earn what was for Barbados all along: “One Man, One Vote”!

Barack Obama used the word: “change” and millions joined his movement. With Barbados on a fast free fall from prosperity to crises – if the BLP has now been energized by a single word, then people who believe in “the politics of development,” must be delighted.

Four years ago, the idea of a Black President seemed like Science Fiction - the determination of belief and the movement of an idea carried forward a momentum so huge even the mighty USA had to bow and realise "Leadership has no Color" if one man can do that in a so-called superpower than why not a Barbadian MP steeped in Gubernatorial history seek to do more for her own people?

When most Barbadians were growing-up, they heard of King Richard (The Lion Heart) being on a “crusade” but a “crusade” within the BLP should not seem bizarre? I do not know when exactly – did the words: “A Better Life For Our People,” became the mantra of the BLP. But such connotes movement, transformation, progress, improvement and change. The BLP must therefore quickly dust itself off and demonstrate that it still has a “credible brand.”

Was it not the BLP, which led the way for the past 73 years? Is it not the BLP who people look towards to show them the path? Do we now doubt ourselves, in a Barbados where the Public Meeting may soon be replaced by Face book and the Internet? Isn’t bringing the BLP into a new age, in order to be relevant; attractive and responsive to the times – a laudable objective?

When you consider the strength of Ms Mottley's stance taken - be it on Housing Minister Michael Lashley's contractual practices or looking at the way forward out of the current financial doldrums of DLP's auto-pilotship or even her own Party's retrograde acceptance of an outdated practice of delegates which has led many to question its legitimacy - then you realise it is not about BLP, it is not about Mia Amor Mottley... It is about BARBADOS!

Isn’t a new politics, which puts people at the centre of development, something we should all embrace? What are we afraid of? But why am I surprised when Christopher Columbus thought the world was flat, hence, were he to have ventured too far at sea – he would have fallen off! Let us accept that Barbados has changed is changing and will continue to change. It is therefore our duty and collective responsibility to put the BLP in the ‘game!’

Fear of the unknown can often give the most trusting “cold-sweat!” But what makes a good leader – is a vision; a clear and sober head and the ability to always see the big picture. A good leader is often the one who can see what few or hardly anyone can or the path – even when it is dark. This is a new politics, which says that Barbadians have a right to know before – much in the same way that: all BLP members should have a right to vote for and before!!! It is really very simple: let’s talk!!!

We must again believe in what Barbados and the BLP can and must be. Let us say “enough” to the politics of the past, which will continue to ‘shut you out’ and tell you: “stop bellyaching.” Let us embrace a new politics where, even in the face of despair, we are not told that we have to ‘wait and see’ or that: ‘there are no options.’ We have been divided by mischievous elements for too long!!!

Mandela speant approximately three decades in this tiny room on Robben Island in South Africa, the Barbados Labour Party is 73 years old almost 20 years younger than Nelson Mandela - if he was one man when he went in and another while emerging, is it not time for all good BLP members to help the Party fly from its own cocoon of obsolescence? If the country is "ONE MAN, ONE VOTE" why are BLP members denied that right?

But, introducing a new politics, which puts power back in the hands of ordinary people, will not be easy because there are those who do not feel that ordinary men and women are capable of making sound decisions. They will simply combine forces and try to slow Barbados down. And so, this is our journey, our cause! In Barbados, there are always potholes in the road. There will therefore be those who will try to derail us and hold us back.

Grantley Adams had that challenge, so too Martin Luther King; Mandela, Rosa Parks and Gandhi. But we will keep going forward because we believe in the credibility of our cause. Our heart is pure; our hands are clean our intention noble! Know also, that the genius of our founding father was to have designed a system of governance and rules that can be changed. Do not let anyone tell you different! We should also take heart, because we have changed this country before. But given the easily foreseeable challenge we are likely to face and will continue to face – how can we change Barbados before first changing the BLP? Answer the call! Join the Movement – better is assured. Let us re-imagine Barbados!!! My fellow Barbadian, because of unyielding faith, in spite of impossible odds, people who truly love the BLP – have it within their power to one day say – we changed Barbados. Keep the faith, God is with us!!!

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  1. It is not about lover of a party or “man” men fail. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is time to love our selves and our country and fight corruption where ever it stand be it B or D.


    First they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the communists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.

    Pick sense from nonsense

  2. ” A good leader is often the one who can see what few or hardly anyone can or the path ? even when it is dark. ”

    Indeed; and on the issue of one man one vote, all in our political class are late to recongize this, and those who now do, did so under duress, not vision. Nevertheless, it is a very much needed.



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