Denis Lowe’s qualifications & The DLP: At Cross Roads and in Crisis – A Henderson Bovell Feature, edited by The Bajan Reporter

Received a Letter from Overseas which indicated the writer is a regular listener to VOB via Internet, so they were surprised back in February when they heard a recuperating Dr Denis Lowe tell Stetson Babb… ” — he headed a Psychiatric Unit at the University of Cincinnati,” the writer did some meticulous digging and referred not only to BGIS but the DLP’s own websites, we are listing both biographical quotes in case the site changes anything…

{CLICK FOR BIGGER} Here's a letter which claims it's from the University of Cincinnati from February 2011, when you read the PDF document available for download in this item, you will see there is a difference with what Dr Lowe said on VOB's Brass Tacks with Stetson Babb on 14 Feb. 2011 and what is listed here - I don't know what it means, that's for you to decide...

The Correspondent made sure to list and type up the qualifications based on the two Barbadian websites which we made into a PDF and have for browsing HERE! Meanwhile, here are Dr Lowe’s qualifications according to the local Government Information Service;-

Dr. Lowe has worked extensively with the University of Cincinnati (his tertiary alma mater) and in the state of Ohio in varying capacities, all with a focus on social development.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, which he obtained in 1984. A year later, he achieved his Masters in Education from the University of Cincinnati, majoring in Developmental Psychology with a minor in Social Science Research and Policy Development. He was awarded a Doctorate in Education from the same university in 1989. Again, his major was Developmental Psychology, but his minor had changed to Educational Research.

Dr. Lowe is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in Barbados and a Certified HIV/AIDS Educator with the American Red Cross at the Drew University School of Medicine.

Don't you feel it'd be crazy for Dr Lowe to lie about his Psychiatric career?

Then here is what his own Party says about the Cabinet Minister;-

Dr. Lowe is an outstanding Barbadian who is committed to serving his country. He spent sixteen (16) years in the USA where he completed his education. He earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree from God’s Bible College and his Masters and Doctoral Degrees from the University of Cincinnati, in Ohio, USA. Dr. Lowe taught courses in Human Growth and Development, Psychology and Education at both the University of Cincinnati and Wilberforce University in Ohio. He is an experienced practioner in the education, healthcare, human development and training fields. He is one of the region’s foremost corporate consultants and an excellent motivational speaker.

The letter writer to the Bajan Reporter then wrote the university in question and here is a PDF of their reply HERE! What the university’s letter says does NOT mesh with either BGIS nor DLP, for some strange reason I am hearing a Sesame Street song about comparisons – can you guess which one before that song is done?

{CLICK FOR BIGGER} The overseas letter-writer also did a comparative analysis of what BGIS did and how the ruling Democratic Labour Party lauded Dr Lowe - is it the same was what the university letter said?

Is that why Cabinet changes were so minute and almost cosmetic? The fact is delicate and important surgery was done if anything should arise when Elections are called for?

With the economy still in recession, no one expected that within days of putting the “CSME” on “pause” – that our Prime Minister would have addressed the Nation at prime time, only to say that he has assigned himself responsibility for a Department of Government called: “The Urban Development Commission (UDC)”

But, given its “wait and see” approach to governance, compounded by the absence of serious policies to grow the economy, it is understandable why such disastrous social and economic mismanagement, as has been happened for some three-and-a-half years now – has not come with any sense of surprise to anyone. Here is what the cabinet was in September 2010 {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

In this clip from Sept. 2010 – the late David Thompson only had National Security as it was a “safe” portfolio to oversee since Barbados is not like Jamaica or Haiti and there was little stress for him doing that in his final days as recommended by his personal physician Dr Ishmael, there were no other duties included nor were inferred to the Barbadian public?

Indeed, many have been arguing for some time now that this tired Democratic Labour Party Government out-fit, does not know what to do or what it is doing and has long become: ‘a Government, which Barbados can no longer afford.

What kind of Leadership example are you presenting when you have a Cabinet which is almost the same from Sept. 2010 and in April 2011 you imply there's no need to change course since you were aware of the last adjustment, then turn around 60 days later and put one Minister back in and create a New Portfolio and say you did "something"?

I have already made the point that faced with the same global conditions that the DLP has been complaining about – the Guyana economy never went into recession and continues to show strong growth, annually. It is also known that 188 out of 213 countries in the world – can boast of stronger economic performance for their citizens, than can the DLP for Barbadians.

The DLP keeps harping about the Global Financial Crisis but refuses to tell Barbadians that the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) stated in its recent report that the global financial crisis was “avoidable,” and that “human action and inaction” caused it. It is also equally true that the current crisis in the Barbados economy was “avoidable” but that it was manufactured and triggered by the DLP, which has been punishing Barbadians with unnecessary taxation and dangerous economic mismanagement, since. The proof of Inertia lies in Stuart’s interview with Rosemary Alleyne back in April {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

In this extract, Freundel Stuart implies he knew of the impending changes by his predecessor and therefore sees no need to re-invent the wheel…

How can the DLP reshuffle the same people on six occasions and each time – hope for a different or better result? It is therefore getting clearer daily, that despite the now, sixth (6th) in a never-ending-series of Cabinet Reshuffles, the possibilities are still open for further job loss, lack of confidence and hardship for Barbadian families and I am saying again without fear of contradiction – that the result from this most recent Cabinet Reshuffle – will be identical to the five (5) before: further economic decline and social decay {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Water Resources is now with Dr David Estwick, meanwhile in typical Government fashion – a promotion is usually more work… So Chris Sinckler also has Economic Affairs as well as Finance, the Parliamentary Secretaries of Sen’s Sandiford-Garner, McLean & Ince were left untouched despite respective blunders with a foreign Director of Medical Services, CLICO & Supv. Of Insurance (take heed – Trinidad’s Central Bank is suing their CLICO) and the REDjet fiasco where Barbados only spoke on the matter after everyone else hollered hard and long!

The only change was to have Kellman as Industry Minister while Lowe holds Environment again without Water Resources, why is he not being let near this portfolio? Is it to keep him innocent of any charges of wrongdoing as recently asserted by St Michael North East MP, Mia Mottley? Or is there another reason to have enforced this decision?

The other thing we all know is that the Barbados economy is still in recession. Nothing but a change of Government will therefore rescue Barbados. My advice to the DLP: “YOU HAVE HAD YOUR CHANCE: TEK YAH DUN AND GAH LONG!!!” That would most certainly save Barbadians, further unnecessary “pain!”

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