Barbadian Electronics Firm uses Science Fiction to expand their branding: Electric Avenue with Web Series “Dominion”

As many readers here are well aware, this Web Magazine was the first to break news on the popular internet-video series of “Dominion” where Bajans in Canada honed a story of how do vampires and other fantasy creatures operate in modern society? A question probed often a la True Blood, Twilight, etc. But not with a defined element of talent and expertise from Barbados – until now

Sean has played - Grantley Adams, a College professor, a cricketer for TV & film, a Grill Sergeant for KFC and now he's like Magnum except in a supernatural setting...

The team often is popping in and out of the country to shoot scenes from a prequel, this is a boon for Barbados as this means the currently stressed job-market means an ease, however slight, is lifting via Entertainment – I got to speak with two of the main driving forces behind the internet videos recently, one Sunday morning at KFC Hastings {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Sean Michael Field says while it gives Barbados special attention, the episodes being filmed are also stand-alone, separate from the Main Series and the Minisodes (which initially caught everyone’s attention)…

FILMING THE FILMERS - Ian Bourne of Bajan Reporter getting into the mythos of "Dominion" with director Rodney Smith and Sean Michael Field who plays protagonist Jeremiah the P.I.

Nevertheless, creating video from nought is not cheap nor free – so where does the funding emerge? Product placement from clients who want or need unusual marketing tactics, as director Rodney Smith explains, he says with internet “minisodes” as they are called, one can test a market before using Tv if that is indeed the avenue one chooses to pursue – if not going full-fledged silver screen {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

When two of the main characters meet in Barbados, they choose a Car Rally and they chat in front of a vehicle which has Electric Avenue‘s huge & distinctive logo for everyone in Barbados and afar, to see and learn about via Internet power!

Situated at both Coconut Walk & Lanterns Mall in Hastings, this growing organisation not only sought video placement in the popular fantasy series, they also appear at AutoMoto, Providence Secondary's "A Night In Havana" and many car rallies as well as the upcoming Anime Kon, their Tweets can be found at - /eletricavebb

Sean also says such oblique publicity can create new markets for Barbadian entities previously untapped {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Apart from Electric Avenue who is on Lanterns & Coconut Walk, there was Courtesy Garage and Cell Connect who also decided to maximise on their advertising funds, with the added thrust of the global appeal of the Internet, these Bajan companies are getting local attention yet potential visitors will give them first consideration having seen this popular series.

Creating a series like this is not “Let’s get Dracula and shove him in the 21st Century” there has to be a comprehensive plausibility which is difficult to hone {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Rodney and Andrew often argue over a character’s abilities – Andrew Stoute says “MAGIC,” but Rodney wants a better reason – so while he wants to put a Steel Donkey in the series he needs to know ‘WHY/ HOW/ WHEN/ WHERE‘ before any plans are made to design Special Effects for the character

Dominion is not the only project Sean Michael Field is up to, he’s also explored the dire straits of Homelessness in “EGRESS” to the point when Discrimination almost was an issue {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Sean actually did not bathe for days and slept in clothes, asking people for money or let him through Subway gates, he learned many folk seldom give the Homeless any consideration… He looked so scruffy he was nearly thrown out of a Starbucks until Crew explained why he looked so!

Ensemble shot of the fantasy series which spans Canada & Barbados - make sure to take a peek!

Sean is a believer of method acting, so he actually begged to learn what homeless people go through {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Even though he had a metro card, Sean refused to use it to see how many and who would let him go in the Metro, he made $10 after three days, only begging!

Meanwhile – Rodney & Sean are still here doing more coverage of the Prequel which led to the Minisodes which gives way to the main series, “Dominion,” which was almost called “Epitaph” then they learned there was another sries also fantasy with  the same name so then they arrived at what you hear dominating the Bajan video scene…

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