Barbadian Dental Surgeons see need for reduced duty on medical inputs and making Barbados a top Health Tourism Destination

One of Barbados’ experts in the field of dentistry thinks the levies placed by Government on equipment to make patients’ mouths healthier can do with a new prescription.

The friendly staff of Carib Rehab present a token of appreciation to Dr. Sherlock Bradshaw who was voted by Caribbean Dental Program Inc. as the dentist who has most supported continuing dental education over the last decade through his personal attendance and that of his staff. At extreme right is Chair of the Caribbean Dental Programme, Dr Victor Eastmond, who perennially touts Barbados as a destination for seminars with his group.

This was one of the points made during a special presentation at Carib Rehab in Friendship Plantation, St George (near Kelsi’s) recognising the support of Dr Sherlock Bradshaw to local dentistry over the years.

Chairman of the Caribbean Dental Programme, Dr Victor Eastmond, feels the time has come for Government to assist in making dentistry more affordable {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Government must seriously look at decreasing the levels of duties placed on medical tools,equipment and treatments so as to successfully transfer savings to patients who find it that much more difficult to make a needed trip to have a check-up

Dr Eastmond also sees Barbados becoming a leader in the field of Health Tourism (as was suggested by the Fertility Centre in Hastings and the BLP’s St Philip North Candidate, Indar Weir) and the dental expert reinforced the benefits of undertaking such an initiative {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

In the dental expert’s view, using Health Tourism to draw overseas clientele who may not have previously considered barbados would ensure the island’s foreign exchange is boosted in the right direction and fairly quickly at that.

The Chair also feels eventually Government must redress how medicine is apportioned to not just senior citizens but Caribbean nationals who lived in Barbados longer then their own homeland {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

While the Freundel Stuart regime may make an inroads with savings and reducing Governmental expenditure, nevertheless consideration has to be directed at folk who helped make Barbados what it is today – not just older folks but the non-nationals who are here legitimately and now have to dig deeper to get medical treatment they’re accustomed to…

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  1. Hey, you preaching to pulpit. I am tired of saying this, but both Government and Dentists are at fault. Money too sweet, to hell with patients, but what happens when NONE arrive?


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