Anime Kon PRELUDE 3/3 – “All Shades Of Grey” Nigel Lynch: SCRIPT & Matthew Clarke: PENCILS/INKS

{CLICK FOR BIGGER} Excerpt from "All Shades Of Grey"

Even if Barbados is bigger when you sell all the land and have nowhere left to go, how do you make your money? Is crime an escape, or is it an avenue you were squeezed into? Nigel Lynch dares to look at the lives of three fortunate or unfortunate, depending on your viewpoint, in “All Shades of Grey.” The stark reality of living on the Block is depicted with crisp eerie yet caricatured reality by Matthew Clarke, founder of both Mass Anthology and Wunnuh Publishing – creator of many popular logos for commercial products in Barbados and a professional Editorial cartoonist.

Author Nigel Lynch (Left with Locks) chatting with fellow Beyond Publishing colleague at the Barbados Community College recently

The title while showing there are no easy choices can also refer to the Police who play a major role in the development of the series, don’t take my word for it here is some startling animation, more than likely to be explored fully this weekend at Anime Kon, July 2 & 3 at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre;-

The language in the book is very straightforward, Bajan and realistic – Nigel thought long and hard before making a decision on how the characters spoke, since with heavy adverbs he has limited his audience reach – i.e. No Minors {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

People can speak regular English and not use a cuss-word yet be more offensive than a person being abusive, violence is also a regrettable reality in such scenarios by using both and being realistic he has narrowed his venue to sell the comic to…

{CLICK FOR BIGGER} Another scene from "All Shades Of Grey"

Nigel told us the Barbados viewed in this literary series is not a Bim set in 2025 or somewhere there, it’s more like a Barbados where history took a different turn {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

This Barbados is more of an Alternate History where Casinos were allowed into the country and what happened after that…

The graphic novel series also deserves to be a video series in its own right, don’t just take my word for it, look at more of the stark animation set up in this other video…

Matthew Clarke is determined to become the Stan Lee of comic books and graphic novels not just for Barbados but the entire region!

Many illustrators are strong on people but weak on furniture or locations, many inkers tend to be better with locations and furniture – however, Matthew is a rarity who can handle all aspects. The fight and crime scenes are very realistic, I was not sure if it was a photograph or recollection of memory, here’s Matthew’s response {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Matthew explained the scenes in the first book are a mixture of photography, memory and imagination – many of the buildings are a cross between the Pine and Deacons where NHC have high-rise units…

You need to see the sharp and crisp quality of “All Shades Of Grey” from Matthew Clarke & Nigel Lynch this weekend at Anime Kon! Also on display is Rivenis Black‘s “Diskordia, No. 1” also for Mature readers! Go to get your signed Editions this weekend at 2 Mile Hill!

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