Anime Kon Prelude 1/3 – Where have all the sponsors gone? Long time passing? Not if Tristan Roach’s “Spirit Bear” can help it!

TRISTAN ROACH - Portrait from the artist of the young man looking to make a future for himself, should he have to go abroad to encapsulate his wish to make money off his own creations?

Can you envision Bridgetown sprawling and about the size of Havana? Looking as seedy as Ridley Scott‘s epochal “Blade Runner“? Tristan Roach not only can, but illustrated it too! Last year, we caught up with the the clever illustrative storyteller at the debut Anime Kon, he was challenged by his BCC teacher Robert Sandiford (himself a graphic novel aficionado) to invent heroes not based on DC or Marvel but using Barbados and its myths as the fulcrum…

Spirit Bear (based on Crop Over’s Shaggy Bear) was born, and this year his concerns remain the same yet he has more confidence in sharing his load with like minded individuals who also see Barbados as the next turning point for Comics and/or Graphic Novels…

He is part of consortium known as Beyond Publishing, with a diversified group – no longer is one man expected to be Distributor, Letterer, Colorist, Inker or Author, even logistics like Publishing and Marketing are being ironed out by the New Wave of Bajan publishing. Matthew Clarke, Nigel Lynch, the creator of Omnitans, plus other alumni of the ground-breaking Bajan graphic novel Mass Anthology (which was revealed in BMEX 2009)…

{IMAGE COURTESY - TRISTAN ROACH} I was blown away when I saw this, I half expected Harrison Ford's voice to start narrating... (CLICK FOR BIGGER)

Tristan decided if Spirit Bear was to have an epic playground and powerful villains, like McHardin – yes, a version of Mr Harding, then he had to up the ante for the size of real estate in Bim {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

In order to tell a bigger story, Barbados became larger, in this version? Cuba and here are almost the same size…

The difference with Tristan’s characters unlike most of the other graphic novels envisioned here, is that Tristan also sees a line of Action Figures and a Cartoon Series, since many companies here have shown skepticism of such a concept taking off? Tristan decided to carry his dream further afield {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

(IMAGE COURTESY - TRISTAN ROACH) The reason Tristan decided to try this line of line of reasoning for Super Powers is when he was at BCC and was challenged by a teacher who is also in the arena of Graphic Novels... {CLICK FOR BIGGER}

Tristan is designing Issue #0 which many artists now do to include an origin so as to be part yet outside the Continuity of a character – his true ambition is to have ‘Spirit Bear‘ recognised as Bajan Animation, to accomlish this he has sent a “pitch” to a number of companies to see who will nibble…

{IMAGE COURTESY - TRISTAN ROACH} Fast fwd in decades, the RBPF as imagineered by Tristan Roach, supporting characters from "Spirit Bear"

His sideline s in a Graphics Company where he operates between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm while his real desire is given an inopportune second ranking – the world of graphics can be demanding so when he comes home as much as he wants to formulate strategies or new drawing styles, Tristan is known to crash on occasion. When his energy levels return, he resumes his battle to have Spirit Bear see reality – a next method is to have Action Figures {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Tristan is in the process of finalising negotiations with a toy company who decides by the number of votes which character to mould from plastic into kids’ toychests – stay tuned!

Strangely enough, it was only January when Mia Mottley at the Small Business Association’s monthly meeting and get-together expressed a strong desire to have Bajan mythology translated into comic book form… I hear she is a regular reader and I hope she takes note?

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