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  1. Titanic Soca at Kensington Oval – VIP patrons can download extended album of 16-7-2011’S “SOCA TITANS”

    Plans are underway to make Monstapiece productions an online download store via website in the near future, this was confirmed the other night by Brian Corbin of Monstapiece while giving opening remarks at the launch of the “Soca Titans” album, the concert to observe the occasion being Saturday 16 July at Kensington Oval. The double-disk anthology makes for […]

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  2. Pablo Donte’s, Maxwell, Barbados – Grand Finale at Talk Hard, June 26, 2011

    Iron Sharpen Iron along with Live Blue Entertainment presents Ignite! The launch of the big album by Ayana John! Sunday July 10th at Pablo Donte’s at 8pm. Also featuring Vizion, Buggy, Bonnie Deveido and a special Spoken Word Set by the ISI family! Admission $15. Mark ya calendar for dat one! You just never know […]

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  3. Royal Barbados Police Force become serious Gardeners – Net close to 1,500 Lbs of Ganja while removing over 100 Cannabis plants

    1. An operation was conducted by the Police Drug Squad, and facilitated by elements of the RSS, BDF and Coast Guard at Broadley, St John, which commenced in the night of Tuesday June 28, 2011, and concluded about 5.30 am on Wednesday June 29, 2011. 24 taped packages of cannabis, weighing 1,370 lbs were seized […]

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  4. Angelo Rombley’s Internet art for July 1, St. Martin’s Emancipation Day

    Digital artist Angelo Rombley launched four art installations on the Internet last Sunday in a tribute to the celebration of St. Martin’s Emancipation Day on July 1. The digital art pieces, rendered in a neo-revolutionary street-poster style, are entitled, “July 1 upRising X,” “FreeSM,” “SXM 1848,” and “July 1 upRising.” Rombley is an award-winning graphic […]

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    Atlantic /Elektra recording artiste Laza Morgan, son of Denroy Morgan, whose multi-platinum ‘I’ll Do Anything For You’ ruled urban playlists in the 1980’s, is confirmed as a performer on ‘International Night’ at the 2011 installment of Reggae Sumfest, on Saturday, July 23, at Catherine Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Laza will join Nicki Minaj, R […]

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  6. Anime Kon PRELUDE 3/3 – “All Shades Of Grey” Nigel Lynch: SCRIPT & Matthew Clarke: PENCILS/INKS

    Even if Barbados is bigger when you sell all the land and have nowhere left to go, how do you make your money? Is crime an escape, or is it an avenue you were squeezed into? Nigel Lynch dares to look at the lives of three fortunate or unfortunate, depending on your viewpoint, in “All […]

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  7. Delly Ranx & Buju Banton release “Thunder Roll” tune (proceeds to benefit Buju’s commissary)

    Grammy Award winner Buju Banton and International Reggae artist Delly Ranx have teamed up for “Thunder Roll“. The Pure Music Production track was recorded while Buju Banton was released on bail and awaiting trial. Since Delly and Buju are close friends it was a natural collaboration and as Delly said “it’s always nice when friends […]

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  8. Rihanna Down – fumbles in Edmonton, CA concert

    {USA TODAY says} – While performing her hit single What’s My Name? at the Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Rihanna tripped in her high heels and fell onto the stage on her hands and knees. Although it looks like a pretty unpleasant fall, she kept right on singing and quickly stood back up to finish […]

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  9. 13 Year Old Allrounder Joins Coin Toss at 2nd Digicel Test at Kensington Oval

    Digicel gave 13-year old Barbadian all-rounder, Leniko Boucher, the opportunity to participate in the coin toss for the 2nd Digicel Test Match WI vs IND.

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  10. Woman charged by Barbados Police for perverting the course of justice and harassment

    Police have arrested and charged Tonya Tamara Thompson, 26 years of Block 12 C, Silver Hill, Christ Church, for the offences of Attempting to pervert the course of Justice and Harassment. She is accused of committing these two offences towards a member of the jury, who sat in the murder trial of her boyfriend Troy […]

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    The Barbados Water Authority advises the public that due to technical difficulties experienced over the past few days with its customer information system there has been a delay in the preparation of water bills for the month of June. As a result, some customers may receive their bills after the payment due date and are […]

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  12. Crop Over Thanksgiving Church Service – NCF Staff at Christ Church Parish Church

    Crop Over’s Thanksgiving Service can truly be considered as one with a strong Bajan flavor and the atmosphere created inside the Christ Church Parish Church was something for all who attended to remember, as the staff of the National Cultural Foundation joined in prayer with stake holders and parishioners of the Christ Church Parish Church […]

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  13. ICBL Crop Over Heritage Tour of Bridgetown with Dr Karl Watson

    The inscription of Bridgetown and its environs as a World Heritage Site has generated tremendous interest among Barbadians. The announcement that Barbados was successful is timely, as on Sunday, July 3rd the National Cultural Foundation will be conducting the ICBL Heritage Tour of Bridgetown. The tour which begins at 8.00 a.m. from the Pierhead in […]

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  14. LOCATED: Shaniqua Pond of Silver Hill, Christ Church

    Missing girl Shaniqua Larrisa POND, 15 years of Green Hill Drive, Silver Hill, Christ Church, who was reported missing on the 27 June 2011, has been found and is safe. GRATITUDE FOR ALL WHO HELPED The Royal Barbados Police Force would wish to thank the general public and the media for their invaluable assistance. David […]

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  15. Freundel Stuart, PM of Barbados posed Queries from Mia Mottley, Fmr. Opp. Leader

    Former Opposition Leader Mia Amor Mottley asked a series of questions of Prime Minister Stuart indicating that Barbadians are going to sleep every night, none the wiser on a range of worrying issues. At a branch meeting of the BLP branch of St. James North at St. Alban’s Primary she openly asked the Prime Minister […]

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  16. Canadians travel more, and to the Dominican Republic

    Canadians are making 13.2% more trips to overseas destinations in the winter season compared to the previous year, as reported in Canwest News Service.

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    After ten years of operation, Digicel Group Limited has 11.5 million customers across its 32 markets in the Caribbean, Central America and the Pacific. The company is renowned for delivering best value, best service and best network.

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  18. West Indies Power contracts PRMD West Indies Limited to drill geothermal production wells on Nevis

    West Indies Power (WIP) signed a contract with PRMD West Indies Limited (PRMD) to drill two (2) 6000 ft directional geothermal production wells and one 7000 ft vertical injection well at the Spring Hill Geothermal Site on Nevis. It is estimated that each production well will produce 5MW’s of geothermal steam to power the 8.5MW […]

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  19. Charlaine Harris’ Bon Temps rolls again – Alan Ball’s “True Blood” In Under 5 minutes

    Get caught up with the first three seasons of True Blood in under 5 minutes. The new season of True Blood is now back on HBO. For more information on True Blood, go to or jump in on the Twitter conversations #TBWITHDRAWAL.

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  20. Captain America: The First Avenger – Marvel co-opt’s Fantastic 4’s “Johnny Storm” for Steve Rogers

    After being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending America’s ideals.

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  21. Barbados Branch of REDjetters’ lime at Light Airplane Club 24/6/20111: Party Animal & Social Media Activist indulges in a Fantasy

    Recalling Austin Powers with the Oriental Twins, this lunatic poses with two sisters knowing the thrill is transient

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  22. Barbados Branch of REDjetters’ lime at Light Airplane Club 24/6/20111: Rene does the Salsa with a Passenger

    Rene Holder is not only a REDjet worker, he’s one of Bajan Reporter’s most loyal readers and contributors!

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  23. Barbados Branch of REDjetters’ lime at Light Airplane Club 24/6/20111: Vanguard of Project – Stephen Lovell

    The Photo-Journalist, whose site Xtra BB yearns to reflect the diversity of the region, is an ardent supporter of the concept behind not just No Frills travel, but a Low Fares Carrier which can span all the West Indies!

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  24. Barbados Branch of REDjetters’ lime at Light Airplane Club 24/6/20111: Customers & Employees interact and learn from each other

    Flight Attendants Deborah and Andre clear up questions from future passengers

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  25. Barbados Branch of REDjetters’ lime at Light Airplane Club 24/6/2011: Tanisha Beckford, Consistent Facebook fan

    Quincy Haynes, happily employed Barbadian at Caribbean’s Low Fares Carrier introduces crowd to Nonstop Fan

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