Trinidad & Jamaica echo Federation’s collapse with blockade of REDjet – Should Carrier look to South America instead?

The Daily Mail made the following accusation, up to now - Warner is yet to readily confirm or deny these suggestions, which remain open to conjecture...

REDjet regrets that despite assurances from Minister Warner given at a press conference, held immediately after a meeting with the Minister, officials from the Ministry and Civil Aviation, on the 5th May 2011 that he would submit a positive recommendation by way of note to Cabinet on 12th May 2011, REDjet has not received any notification on the matter.

The Minister also confirmed that the Director General of Civil Aviation had confirmed that REDjet had met all the requirements to satisfy Point Three (3) of a letter issued by the Civil Aviation Authority on 20th December 2010. The Minister requested the Director General to confirm this in writing to REDjet without further delay. To date REDjet has not received such confirmation.

REDjet wishes to assure that the company is exhausting every resource within it’s power to ensure the commencement of services to all advertised routes.

We sincerely regret any inconvenienced cause and remain committed to bringing a safe, reliable and affordable service to the Caribbean. In the spirit of consumer choice and healthy competition, REDjet will fight to ensure that ‘Everyone Can Fly!

If the Latin American market is seized the REDjet crews in future would also have to be able to speak Portuguese and Spanish apart from being able to swim!

This is the latest entry on the Facebook page of the Carrier who dared offer a pleasant alternative for the region. If one was to go by Facebook alone as a form of Elections? REDjet would have a landslide – CAL has approx. just over 6,000 adherents while REDjet’s retinue easily triples that! Perhaps the Low Fares Carrier is considering the wrong direction – it should move outwards rather than look to the inner basin?

Since Jamaica and Trinidad are proffering bullying and protectionist standards which appear almost worthy of John Gotti, Al Capone and other wiseguys – the answer may lie in letting them drown in their own blood. Much like how Jet Li defeated the corrupt French Surete in “Kiss Of The Dragon,” except rather than touching them with a pin or anything else? Leave them strictly alone and continue to work with Bridgetown and Georgetown (BGI/GY) but expand in the opposite direction – south, not north – far south as can be achieved from Guyana!

Price-charts in US Currency as a Cross-Cultural standard is good but Latin versions may also be needed if REDjet heads further south via GY

Offer cheap flights to Caracas, Cartagena and Ipanema – let GOL sweat it out rather than CAL/Caribbean Airlines… How many Bajans and Guyanese would swarm and flock for cheaper flights to South America? If the Latin basin is so close and easily so, imagine what new employment and trade opportunities would open up for Bim and G-Town?

One can only wonder now what Mr Williams (tall & bespectacled) and Ian Burns (safety jacketed) were chatting about before the inaugural trip to Georgetown? Would Williams Industries invest in further craft to cater for the Latin market?

Fish could be shipped almost daily from Oistins, while Demerara could sell even more rice – this as BCC students could further their IT training in Sao Paolo while young Guyanese who are fascinated by Law Enforcement can learn first-hand what it’s like from some of the tougher cops of the world right around the corner in Medellin.

REDjet would be the one earning all the glory for opening previously uncharted avenues for Bajans and G-folk while Trinidad and Jamaica can only gnash their teeth, with such vistas spread before the region… Do you really feel St Kitts, St Lucia or Grenada would be as resistant to such potential profit from Commercial, Educational and Cultural avenues?

POS & Kingston regimes may be digging their heels but the people of the caribbean will NOT be stopped! even this wheelchair bound lady joined the return trip to Bridgetown from GY back in May 10th!

So REDjet, let Kingston & Port Of Spain/POS see the dust of your craft as they make new inroads to boldly go where no Caribbean traveller has been in a while, Viva REDjet, Olé!

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  1. Hurry and come St.Kitts!! We would love to jump on Redjet!

  2. This is a really good idea you put out, Must admit that over the years you have become one of the best Bajan bloggers I read.Thanks for posting this informative article.

  3. Nice post… In addition, I would like to see REDJET work towards acquiring one US gateway destination, hereby connecting North to South.

  4. They would like to get as high up as Fort Lauderdale, and be far south as Cancun or Panama


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