Riot On The Hill – Barbados Police Task Force on Labour Day Public Holiday during Reggae Concert

The Bajan Reporter will demand full disclosure from the RBPF on the sequence of events which were caught via cellphone, this is footage both raw & unedited!

Breaking  News –  At this point, no names nor any idea what the offense(s) may be, we were supplied this as an URL via an anonymous remailer… Yet when you watch the whole scene, it is clear the full-figured woman was trying to stop the male civilian from clashing with the armed Task Force officers! Despite this, she was deemed a threat to National Security and in fear of their lives, one of the Boys In Blue locks off her neck in a style which surely would have gotten a round of applause from Ye Olde Schutz-Staffel!

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  1. As per usual the Royal Barbados Police Force is there to serve and protect only themselves. They have declared that they will have a zero tolerance on bullying yet they themselves are the biggest bullies. FAS entertainment is concerned about the thousands that they have lost due to the rain falling and the show being postponed, what they need to be concerned about is the safety of their patrons and the unfair treatment that is meted out to them every year. This crap happens all the time and nothing ever comes of it.

  2. what exactly have the police done that is wrong here aside from obviously protect the woman from sticking her neck in a bad position which might have resulted in it being hurt?

    i could understand if somebody had video of them gun butting ppl or dragging them to the ground for just being there.

    bajans need to occasionally STFU and respect that same uniform

    had something serious occured resulting in others being hurt and these officers just looked on and “TALKED” u would have heard how lazy dem is and how dem does get paid for nothing but looking pretty…


  3. What i find funny is that the guy who obviously is high does not realise the task force man who is his height and easily 100lbs heavier and can stick him in the mud, has other men who are big and have guns. in my assesmment the crowd looked like they wanted a chance to attck the policemen and if they could have given one of the officers and unlucky lash they would have. The officers could have made that way more than it was be defending themselves and claiming they were scared. Barbados Police Force handled themselves well


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