REDjet – Trinidad’s mistake can be Guyana’s beef steak? Flying Economy with Low Fare Carrier does not mean poor service, 1st Class is Priceless at any level!

People may not believe me, but this the truth… I can list the times I have flown on both hands with fingers to spare – I mean me by myself and not when I was a child. 1992, 2000 and a few days ago. The first was to Washington on AA’s Economy – they crammed me, gave me lousy food and nearly lost my luggage!

If Jamaica and Trinidad are not careful then Guyana is more than willing to take up the slack, so POS & Kingston? Do not be penny-wise and kilo-foolish!

Eight years later was way better but then it was Virgin’s Upper Class so what you expect? (Virgin was launching new seating for Caribbean) I saw London, met Richard Branson and had a ball – slept on the flight (still have the pyjamas) but the thing is? Upper Class means upper fees… My reluctance in travelling is not for the title of Erica Jong’s book, but more simply I can do better things with my money than traipse all over the planet – until now!

This is Nicole, whose little boy had not seen Daddy for so long

Not just myself, but many Caribbean people have withheld from Travel simply because the cost is astronomical. Has no one heard of the principal where it’s easier to sell a thousand tickets for a Dollar rather than a single coupon for a Thousand bucks? Price was a driving factor which kept a little boy from seeing his Dad, the mother who lives in Canada and decided to head for Georgetown as the fare was just right {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Nicole’s son has not seen his dad in close to two years, the grandmother is also waiting in Georgetown for the eagerly awaited arrival!

Checking in via Internet reduces the clutter of queuing up for a journey as you can see here at GAIA

Recognition of all types of Media by REDjet was readily apparent in they have a an Ad Agency and a Social Media Marketing Manager, further proof was when this Web Magazine has been included from the beginning for all of their press conferences – I was also invited to review and compare what I experienced on their Guyana debut. When you make a reservation online then you get a confirmation code sent back to your e-mail – I wrote it down on a Post-It sticky inside my passport so when I arrived for the flight the check in was smoother than a baby’s butt cheek!

CEO Ian appreciating his adorable wife who was the inspiration for the naming of this craft, "Jacqualicious"

I had a Carry On satchel with me to see how lugging a bit along would be, with these trips so economical, then one can more or less budget to travel with next to nothing and bring back essentials from your destination! I weighed my bag and it was 18 lbs, 4 short of the total limit allowed as free.

No flight would be complete unless I did this, yes, I still wear the cap everywhere and grinning silly - your point is?

The take off was smooth considering the skies were overcast in Barbados that day, and no turbulence was experienced until the MD-82 was on its way back from Georgetown and it went through clouds. Both on Facebook and in Barbados Free Press there has been this character with old female TV aliases dissing REDjet, not sure if LIAT or CAL employee or even whether a real woman or a wanna-be, but saying all kinds of evil lies – so let’s lay this out now…

They have a special of a ham or Chesse Cutter with a Coke, if one meal per flight on a Round Trip is used, then it still is cheaper than a snackbox & drink on land

I am back safe and sound, plus apart from that – father and son Ian & Robbie Burns (with full family in tow, infants and all) the Chief Operations Officer Kevin were also on the flight. So were Ralph “Bizzy” Williams and his wife Shelley as well as BTA Consultant  Hugh Foster on behalf of Tourism Minister Richard Sealy, plus Digicel Barbados CEO Barry O’Brien and his wife, along with his Marketing Director, Alex Tasker – you really feel these folk are going to risk life and limb needlessly? I would sooner refuse a ride on Coney Island than not fly again with REDjet and the amusement park is ground-based! So “Anastasia” or whatever s/he is, get stuffed, REDjet is here to stay and I will be flying them again very soon.

Water Salute from Guyana's Fire Brigade

The arrival at Timehri was very touching, their Fire Brigade delivered a “Shower Of Blessing,” which is what is done for planes like how ships get Champagne cracked on the prow of the vessel. There documented instances in Jordan, MexicoIndia, among many other places where this tradition ensues, although some Bajans may want to wisecrack that Guyana is making sure we brought no germs!

Left is GCCI President Komal Ramnauth and right is GY Tourism Minister Manniram Prashad

After the initial speeches on arrival there was an informal Q&A where Komal Ramnauth – Guyana’s President of their Chamber of Commerce saw an immediate Potential for daily flights by REDjet to Guyana {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

GY Chamber President Ramnauth says with the possibility of daily trips between barbados and Georgetown then fresh produce, fruits and vegetables can be exchanged between the territories

On the return to GAIA, Mr Burns made sure to speak with every passenger

How often do you hear of a CEO talking with passengers on a debut flight? Richard who? Well, apart from Branson (who also met massive resistance when he went up against British Airways at first) there was Ian stopping at each seat, and just in case he missed anyone he also spoke via the Captain’s microphone too {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

The REDjet CEO sees opportunites for students to migrate more easily when previous flights were at least $400 USD

The flight was controlled superbly each way by Steve Goldberg {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

The Captain praised the passengers for choosing REDjet as now more people can fly for less

Stop saying, "What will they think of Next?" There'll always be another... Case in point? Boxed water from Suriname!

While in Georgetown I had fun getting to know various people and learned that Suriname boxes Water like how Pine Hill does Milk or Juice, but when I brought it back home? My family says they prefer “Bajan” water, I tried it… It’s very distilled, I can take it or leave it but I learned something I didn’t know before and thus proof Travel broadens one horizons.

Hugh Foster sent greetings on behalf of Richard Sealy, Barbados' Tourism Minister

Even if flights to Guyana, Trinidad and Jamaica (once Kingston & POS wake up) are $400 Bds for Round Trip then this means theoretically I can plan for at least three trips per year and likely with Long Weekends such as Easter, Christmas and either Kadooment or Independence (may seem unpatriotic but any change once in a while is a nice difference, Bajans too stuck in routine) I can look to do a getaway, or even attend a concert or a regional Press Conference I feel is worth the expense!

All good things must come to an end, while on the Timehri tarmac what do I see? A perfect irony - CAL & REDjet side by side, LOL!

Obviously three customers on the flight from GY to Bim felt so, it was the first ever flight for this trio as the air fares were just at Johnny Depp levels! Now with REDjet offering a reasonable alternative where at least 15% of trips will be priced 60% lower than their competitors, they decided to go and see family & friends they have not seen in years!

Business Development Officer Robbie Burns was very generous on the Drinks cart while we headed back for Bim...

My Passport finally getting some stamps in it, I also look forward when REDjet gets to Cancun, Panama and Fort Lauderdale too… More reviews for this Online Publication, LOL!

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  1. I gotta tell ya…cannot wait for RedJet to start flying to Jah land…and Trinidad too. But perhaps as I have never been to Guyana…this could be an amazing possibility…me in de forest and all dat! Why do the authorities always seem to want to condemn what we the people want eh? The possibility of travel should not just be for those with excess money…and the news that RedJet could perhaps aid in the movement of food…that is a big plus! Some come on guys…get real..WE WANT RED JET!!!!


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