REDjet – Barbados to Guyana, 10/05/2011: Facebook page has fans double the competitors!

Competition came to Cable & Wireless, now LIME with Digicel - hopefully REDjet will do the same, to both LIAT and CAL, sooner rather than later!

REDjet’s page is almost at 20,000 fans do your part to make sure it reaches – we need to send a signal to Caribbean protectionist Governments who object to Progress!

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  1. Fans many will not a successful business make.

  2. People power – France no longer has Royalty since its people demanded it and to hell with Gov’t; USA is not a British Colony since it fought to break away…. Caricom may well dissolve as a result of this impasse but in the process, inter-island transport will get much needed Liberalisation! Everyone thought the USSR would last forever remember? Also as a result of people saying “ENOUGH!


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