NRP Delivers: 300+ New Quality Homes in Nevis

NRP's Daniel - "Not only did the NRP build over 300 new affordable homes, we built over 300 quality houses that hundreds of Nevisian families are proud to call home."

NEVISIAN ELECTIONS – Watch one Cherry Gardens Resident talk about how grateful she is for the fact that the NRP Government delivered over 300 new homes.

The next election is serious business. Nevisians will have a choice of going back to 14 years of failed leadership, or, continue moving forward with the NRP. Performance matters isn’t just a slogan – it impacts the lives of Nevisians.

We’re the government that has engaged in a road building revolution – building quality roads cheaper and faster than ever before. We’re the government that provided laptops, textbooks and homework assistance to our young people. And, we’re the government that has built over 300 new affordable homes.

Performance matters because performance improves people’s lives!

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