Nevisians: Mark Brantley and CCM Tried to Take My Vote Away!

Two born and raised Nevisians found out that Mark Brantley and the Concerned Citizens’ Movement tried to take away their right to vote. This, on the day of a march, dubbed by the NRP, “A March Against Democracy.”

A small band of the CCM's most militant supporters marched against democracy.

This march was truly a March Against Democracy,” said Minister Hensley Daniel. “Throughout human history, men have marched and died to earn the right to vote. Mark Brantley and the CCM are marching to take away the right to vote from their fellow Nevisians. I would never take part in a march to prevent people from voting.”

One of the voters who Mark Brantley and the CCM attempted to disenfranchise is the Minister’s brother, Hastings Daniel. When Mr. Daniel found out that he was on Mark Brantley’s disenfranchisement list, he was shocked.

When I heard that Mark Brantley tried to take away my vote, I couldn’t believe it,” said Hastings Daniel. “But, it was true. I’ve lived here in Nevis for over 30 years. I was born and raised in Cox. I am Nevisian through and through! And, Mark Brantley and the CCM want to take away my right to vote? What is this country coming to!

Mark Brantley and the CCM tried to take the right to vote away from Millicent Cornelius. She stood up for her right at the CCM's March Against Democracy.

Hastings Daniel isn’t the only voter who is outraged by the CCM’s anti-democratic campaign to take away the right to vote from average Nevisians. Hope Merchant was also on the CCM’s black list.

I fear for this country if these men get into power,” said Ms. Merchant, one of the voters whom Mark Brantley and the CCM wanted to disenfranchise. “These men don’t believe in preserving my right to vote! I am scared to find out what other kind of anti-democratic ideas they have. To save our democracy, we must re-elect the NRP.

The CCM attempted to take away the right to vote from approximately 350 people. The NRP stood up for the right to vote for these Nevisians. When challenged, the independent electoral commission held up the right to vote for these individuals. And, when further challenged at the High Court, the court ruled in favour of the NRP and the right to vote for these Nevisians was preserved.

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