Harris Paints consolidates its position as Caribbean’s leading Paint Service by partnering with Global Industrial Manufacturer – More Bajan jobs likely from Joining Forces

In order to strengthen their hold on High Performance Coatings in the region, Harris Paints took a chance to forge a Strategic Partnership with Akzo-Nobel, a world leader in the coatings market. This alliance has met with the blessing of the Commerce Minister of Barbados, Senator Haynesley Benn.

From Left - Eifion (like "Ivan" but F rather than V) Jones then seated is Ian Kenyon and next to Harris Paints' CEO is Commerce Minister, Sen. Haynesley Benn at furthest right

From Antigua in the north to Suriname in the south, Harris Paints is not only known for decorative & functional coatings in the Marine and Yachting arenas, but for Industrial applications with oil, paper and even mining solutions.

The many goodies people expect from Harris over the years, including baby Dominoes and key-rings

The new joint venture will actually create rather than take away jobs according to Harris’ CEO, Ian Kenyon, when he addressed key shareholders at their Wildey Corporate Headquarters {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

The CEO of Harris Paints was very quick to reassure all present that no job losses are on the cars for the local manufacturer, in fact, with proper training, there is upwards growth in their vacancies in the near future.

Also addressing participants was Senator Benn, who surprised some of the audience by implying the financial hardships which Barbados has been enduring for the last 3 years, going on 4, is still ongoing elsewhere in the world, when a simple glance at the Internet would indicate that life moves on for both the Eagle and John Bull.

International Paints' Martin Criado addressing Engineers, Architects and Facilities Managers from many key Barbadian institutions

However, the Commerce Minister was maintaining his ruling party’s stance that the economic doldrums are nothing to do with the Democratic Labour Party {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

The DLP Minister examined how Strategic Economic Alliances created new avenues for development between former foes and when more growth was needed to include customers as part of the dynamic to bring forward businesses from the brink of bankruptcy

These must be quite hefty to lug through GAIA, but here's a sampling of Akzo-Nobel's coatings

While espousing what essentially amounts to wishful thinking on the part of a Cabinet Minister who should know better, nevertheless he recognises the strategy which allowed the rest of the world to emerge from a recession which they long since passed unlike Barbados which continues to reel under poor fiscal policies {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Benn praised Akzo-Nobel for walking a very tight line which maintained a n environemntal stance in step with current world views, keeping both staff & shareholders satisfied apart form making sure that customers too got what they paid for

Senator Benn seeking to blame Barbados' fiscal crises on anything but poor management from the DLP, it was amazing he did not use the 14 year Barbados Labour Party regime card - perhaps even he realised that's too trite?

Vice President of Business development, Eifion Jones and the Manager of Akzo-Nobel’s Latin America division, Martin Criado represented International Paint with an extensive presentation of what solutions they offer for not only Private Sector as in the recent South African Football Cup but Military and Government venues as well. The major chemical producer, who is also a green entity, is based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

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  1. Very sweet. I just stumbled on your commentary and wanted to say you’ve really exceeded your quota for good taste. International Business is the actual portfolio you should be addressing your concerns, I hope the next time you write you get your facts straight – no wonder CBC kicked you out!

  2. I left CBC not the other way, I wonder where your literacy is? Did you in fact read the ENTIRE item? I show by Dictionary definitions where the three portfolios overlap – do you get enough oxygen to your brain staying so far up the DLP’s butt?

  3. This was a great step for Harris Paints. It is already very well established but this partnership will boost their popularity for sure.


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