Barbadian Social Commentator Henderson Bovell: “It will be more difficult and since the DLP cannot cope now – it will not survive then!”

"Starting 2015, it will be much more difficult to manage Barbados and since the DLP cannot cope now - it will not be able to survive then."

I am really getting ‘more than a little tired’ of hearing some alleging that a so-called global financial crisis (which has long ended) is the reason that Barbados is in STILL in trouble. But, very few could ever deny, that Barbados is in trouble, ‘precisely’ because of the Government it has. This country now has a Government it cannot and can no longer afford.

Since its rule began on January 15th 2008 – the DLP has been spending between $500 million and a billion dollars more, each financial year, than it has. And when compounded by flawed policies; bad decisions and poor judgment, it is the DLP’s fiscal recklessness (large unsustainable deficit) which is neither stimulating nor stabilising the economy, that is to collectively blame for the mess Barbados is in.

Think about it. The global recession pushed down the price of oil and other commodity prices (such as food) on the world market, hence a foreign exchange saving for the DLP. But, even if there was no global recession, with the DLP recklessly spending the type of money and at the rate it has been spending since 2008 (but with absolutely nothing to show) Barbados would still be in serious trouble.

The problem is: the DLP’s fiscal recklessness and indiscipline, but as usual, it has to find someone to blame. The DLP is counting on the false-premise that it is not what the truth really is but what it feels it might be able to persuade Barbadians to accept and believe and since it has CBC, as part of its arsenal, it has long been clear that the DLP plans to wage psychological warfare on Barbadians. It simply feels that it can get away by spreading that rumours. Mind you, this is the same DLP who said it will not steal, cheat or lie!

"Send for the experts: It will be more difficult and since the DLP cannot cope now - it will not survive then!"

It has become so outrageous that even when the DLP holds a Fete – as it did at Martins Bay, during the ‘St. John By-election,’ it says that the global financial crisis made it do it. The DLP Cabinet went into a rum-shop and drank beer but complained that the global financial crisis cause them to do it. Barbadians must therefore guard their minds from this Government, which is desperate, in panic mode and therefore extremely politically armed and dangerous!

The simple question, which the DLP will have to answer is: if the DLP is already complaining about how difficult it is to run the country and alleging how extremely hard, the excessively large DLP Cabinet has to work – how would they even make it after the 2013 general election because ‘everyone’ knows that starting 2015, it will be extremely difficult for any Government to run Barbados, furthermore one like the DLP, which is demonstrating even now and with every passing day – that it does not know what it doing.

Starting 2015, Barbados will no longer have one of the key instruments that have supported economic growth and that have supported our enterprises. I therefore urge Barbadians to ‘guard your minds’ from the DLP. From 2013, you will need a Government that is skilled; one you can trust and afford and one that knows what it is doing.

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