REDjet is not simply a Price War for Travel – It’s a means of restoring a Lifestyle: resuming Romance and Reuniting Families

When a young intern from the Emerald Isle spent time in the Caribbean – little did he realise he would instead create his own job rather than earn one from a Popular cellular service. Almost 7 years ago, Robbie Burns came out to this part of the world for a sojourn at Digicel’s flagship headquarters in Jamaica, when the airfare horrified himself and his father – and learning how few Caribbean people travelled unless they had to? Seeds were sown for a REDvolution…

Virgo Communications coordinated the Q&A session for the Media to learn better about REDjet

Feasibility and Research were meticulously performed about 4 years back, part of that study found 91% competent air service with a lower price rather an having an In Flight movie; 93% of those polled preferred having a cheaper flight with great safety standards over including a meal on board – so, REDjet was devised, some territories resisted as their Governments invested funds with other carriers but when pressure of People Power brought things to bear? Permissions were granted after Pan-Caribbean acclamations demanded a better way for people to see their neighbours and conduct business in a financially prudent style.

With the shocking advent of a flight which starts from as low as $20 Bds (a snackbox & drink), all of a sudden Caribbean Airlines (ex-BWIA) is offering one-way flights to Jamaica from Barbados with a free meal and $140 US! This morning the Trinidad Express according to Barbados Free Press is trying to back-pedal… I am sure it’s nothing to do with the fact the Kamla Persaud-Bisessar admin is the parent organisation of Caribbean Airlines, right? Wink, Nudge – can anyone say “All you better fix or we vote you tail out one time!oui?

Left is COO for the regional carrier - Kevin Dudley, Centre is Ian Burns, REDjet's CEO and Right is Alicia Lynch, Sales & Mktg Mgr of REDjet

REDjet is offering a totally comprehensive approach for Reservations, whether online or for those without Credit Cards or even steady Internet access… There will be 306 outlets in Barbados ready for taking bookings and until their full certification is processed – no fees will be transacted until 29th April! Just in time for pay-day, LOL! Ian Burns, Robbie’s dad and the Chairman, explained at Hilton Barbados {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Once you have an e-mail address at least, then REDjet sends a special code which you print and carry to either Sure-Pay or any Digicel outlet and confirm your flight!

The website ( received so many visitors it overloaded until yesterday mid-morning, the reaction on Facebook is immediate… {N.B. Accentuations are BR’s not consumers} “My REDJet flight to JA is $107.24round trip from Barbados.” then there was “I just priced a return flight to Guyana for US$54 on Red Jet.”

Their Twitter fan-base increased 150% overnight once approval had been granted by Barbados, REDjet’s Facebook page has 6,000 fans and for many people – REDjet is not a means of going to TT’s Carnival cheap or heading to see Jamaica’s Bob Marley Museum, it is means of completing emotional connections, as was explained by Sales & Marketing Manager, Alicia Lynch {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

While visiting the Call Centre to see progress made, the Sales & Mktg Mgr overheard a call where a passenger was in tears after booking a flight to Georgetown for $99 Bds, she had not seen her children, family nor friends in 15 years and now she can actually think of visiting more than once in a year!

When, like Ian and Robbie Burns did, you see a Caribbean that is allegedly under a Single Market & Economy with only 10% of their people travelling within the territories, then REDjet decides it’s a REDvolution with a goal to see 100% of the region travelling to their own islands in the next five years.

Ms Lynch recalling even as a child on a swim team how Fund raisers had to be held to meet costs of getting a flight to a Swim Meet in another island, now REDjet has opened the way for children to pursue their sporting dreams.

The service has 83 staff from 14 countries, the people are trained professionals from 17 carriers of both Traditional aviation and the low cost airfare like Ryanair. With prices levelled to such a capacity, one can appreciate the fact you are told up front that all reservations are Non-Refundable. REDjet’s Chair, Ian Burns, referred to Winston Churchill, who once said the Battle of Britain in World War II was not the end, merely the end of the beginning – the Chair saw a parallel with the current initiative to enable people of the region to move freely within their own islands once again {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

15% of airfares will be lowest around, the benchmark is to have fees 60% lower than their competitors as a champion for consumers across the Caribbean.

REDjet’s Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Dudley, assured the carrier’s commitment to secure trips… He revealed there is a cadre of 17 pilots with 170-thousand hours or 300 years of Flight experience between them. The MD-82’s in use are easy to maintain since parts are easy to purchase and install and keep in top order (sounds like any of the Toyotas I have driven) and he stakes his own personal reputation on this and he would not have it any other way!

The craft, because they operate on a low fee structure, do not stint on comfort, they offer 33% more legroom than similar planes, this was verified by Alicia Lynch who indicated her 6 foot height is a challenge for many trips – but she sat with ease on Jacqualicious (one of the two initial craft to serve the routes).

Passengers are allowed to bring on a 22 Lb Duffel bag and a laptop for free while weights over that incur extra costs. These do not detract from costs which approximate as follows – from Barbados to… Jamaica? $232; Trinidad? $177 or Guyana at $170! No wonder that unfortunately since fares are already reasonable, there’s no discount for Students nor Senior Citizens!

"Jacqualicious" is the name of this craft, its name is based in part on the name of CEO Ian Burns' wife's name, her B'day was a just a few days ago!

Plans are ongoing to streamline REDjet further with the carrier looking at Car Hire and Accommodations to be added into the package so passengers have even less complications to consider when they take their spouse for a romantic Bank Holiday weekend or visiting friends you have not seen since childhood!

You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
You tell me that it’s evolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world…
John Lennon

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