Please DLP, Do Some Work: This is No Time For FETING and Drinking Beer! A sober reflection by Henderson Bovell

If within the first-term in office and after fourteen (14) years in the political wilderness – the DLP has turned-on so much unnecessary pressure on Barbadians and so early, heaven help us, if the people of this country make the mistake and re-elect them for ‘an undeserved,’ second-term.

{IMAGE COURTESY - Barbados Today, Front Page: 20/4/2011} Perhaps this explains the DEM's flawed policies; poor judgment and bad decisions.

"I do not think the poor Shopkeeper is too concerned about the DLP Cabinet socialising in his shop, he is more concerned about the murderous annual license fee it has saddled him with. Buying a few beers will not erase the fact that the DLP is causing Small Shops all over Barbados, unnecessary pain. $1,000 worth of it!"

But the DLP will keep the pressure on for now and I predict that the Budget before the next General Election – it will pretend to ease the pressure then and will roll-out the “gravy-train.” However, Barbadians must remember that airfares were high until Red Jet entered the picture. Same principle! The DLP could ease the pressure all now but it simply wants to balance the budget.

So you are suffering and in pain, simply because the DLP wants to balance the budget. You ever heard such madness yet? And these people promised: “a pathway to progress,” and “to transform the society to meet the needs of the people,” yah know!

Here is something else! There was a time in Barbados when people drank water to cool their thirst. Not these days, especially if you are a member if the DLP Cabinet. Yesterday on a tour of houses built by the NHC or by the Government in partnership with the private sector – the DLP Cabinet took time out for a cold one: Beer from the same Small Shop – on which it increased the annual license fee from $250.00 to $1,000.

All I can say is that the DLP Cabinet has someone managed to transform (what should have been a serious tour and a sober moment) into a mini-FETE and a ‘belching‘ contest. Perhaps the Cabinet was only checking to see if the cost of living is still high!!!

People have long associated ‘drug-use’ with the relief of pain and it is now clear that not only Barbadians but even the DLP needs relief from the unnecessary pain it is causing our country, and having already taken critical items off the Drug Formulary, the public now knows that the DLP seems to find its relief by turning to beer.

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