Lanterns Mall – Its Best & Worst: Subway remains subterranean, Haagen Dazs is cool but hot prices, Roti Hut pleases Muslims and Non-Believers alike

I have no idea why, but I decided to give Subway a third and final try, sometime this year they are supposed to open another branch in Warrens – if it really happens? The original article I did drew much heat for its brutal honesty, but I was not impressed, if you check the comments you’ll see I tried to give it another chance…

The Winter of Our Indigest? What to avoid while at Lanterns Mall!

Here it is 7 months later and I head back for One Last Try, ok? I wanted Garlic bread and was told none available (Strike One inadequate supplies), so then I went for whole wheat with roast beef, bacon, extra cheese… I asked for item to be re-heated, asked for Cookie and Coke to make a Full Meal at $3 extra, when I reached the section where they recommended a sauce or condiment for your sandwich, I told them I wasn’t sure which one is best to go with what I ordered… Instead of the attendant asking me to repeat and adding ‘Please,’ or posing, “I beg your Pardon?” Here’s what I heard instead…

All that was needed were some tumbleweeds and you'd have a perfect idea of how isolated the allegedly popular eatery was that night?

WHAT??” (Strike Two rude staff) I looked at the girl and she repeated the same brusque, abrupt word… Amazed and unable to explain what was whirling in my head, I merely asked for recommendations again on which sauce or condiment. After they squirted a miniscule rivulet of Chipotle, I ate the concoction, which was COLD (Strike Three improper heating, poor quality ingredients) and the roast beef tasted like shredded Alpo – an altogether unsatisfactory experience!

Imagine how I felt when on Facebook a few days later I learned that not all of Subway’s food is ALL that fresh;-

The sliced turkey and ham may not have been frozen like hockey pucks before they serve it to you, but it’s loaded down with artificial ingredientsbulking agents, fillers, processing aids, preservatives and the like.

Let’s start with the bread, which is baked in the stores, emitting a distinct and lingering odor even outside. The 9-grain wheat, white and sourdough varieties are made with goodies like sodium stearoyl lactylate and ammonium sulfate, which are used as a dough conditioners, and azodicarbonamide, a bleaching chemical most commonly employed in the production of foamed plastics. In the UK, azodicarbonamide has been classified as a substance that can cause asthma when used in an industrial setting. Yummy.”

My only consolation was the fact I was the only customer there, now do not get me wrong, time of night has nothing to do with how many people patronise an establishment. Roti Hut at same Lanterns Mall, for the same day and same time, I saw when I was leaving was CRAMMED!

Non-Believers and Muslims alike enjoying wide selection of Halal delights at Roti Hut the same time and same night!

If you go by Barbados Free Press, Roti Hut needs interrogation immediately as they serve Halal food which means it is approved for Islamic consumption – even Jewish people can use Halal if in a pinch since the food is blessed in a similar manner to Kosher. However, the folks inside Roti Hut do not care if the food is prepared for Muslims, Jews or Buddhists. Pholourie, Samosas, Doubles, Fruit Salads with a wide range of beverages and selections to pick from! The chefs are well versed on how Guyanese and Trini Indians prepare food, just make sure Allah sanctified the victuals.

Essentially one gets pampered for their Dessert and you are made to feel like Royalty, thus you always feel Welcome and glad to Return!

The following week I visited Häagen-Dazs® – this was expensive but somewhat understandable, I have never seen an Ice Cream parlour where the flavours were listed in a Menu? Also the staff bring you the choice of dish to your table, this a GALAXY of difference when compared to the Subterranean depths upstairs at Lanterns! FYI – Banoffee is Banana/Toffee; their Coffee is very alert-making… I had some and felt my ears tingle while I ate it and did not get to sleep ’til almost the following day, LOL! They have a choice of two or three scoops with toppings, next I plan to try their waffles and cheesecakes – separate visits of course, LMAO!

Although Häagen-Dazs® is more expensive and in a sense more fleeting as it is Ice Cream as opposed to a solid meal, I prefer to return there and sample all the flavours for the way one gets treated and the respect which is given – the same can easily be said about the staff at Roti Hut and so it is no surprise both places despite pricing do not lack for customers!

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  1. Sorry….there was a typo in my comment – H?agen-Dazs?

  2. Where is your other comment? Please re-submit, thanks!

  3. I submitted it already….long but with good points…should have copied it but did not…time is not with me right now! You sure you do not have it?

  4. The last time I submitted a comment it took ages to post but finally did…is it worth waiting a little or can you see that there’s nothing…me and techie business not so friendly!

  5. Nothing, when Internet is slow, I usually save a copy of what I say before I hit SEND, I have no idea what you intended to say, but nothing’s here – sorry!

  6. I honestly think this is something personal,I am a frequent customer at subway and never had these experiences .I am not sayin u didn’t but some how u bashing only subway and praising the others .I have never been there and see subway empty and the others crammed as u said,anyone with common sense can see ur photos were taken in the night and anyone knowing the mall can see which angle that pic was taken from ………why didnt u take it from the door facing the counter and obviously the garbage on the table in the food court says it all (you ate all ur subway) stop bein grudgeful minded and give Jack his jacket ….and as for ur older post it is one of the cleanest restaurants in the island and u go to cheffette ,kfc and other fast food places and there are out of chicken you either wait ,choose something else or leave so stop being silly and hating…….get a life

  7. Did you read? Even what has been discovered about Subway overseas? Yes I ate all, I was taught from young do not waste food even if you can’t stand it, that’s known as manners… The Bajan way is pretend you like it, carry it away and then dump it, right? The review was not grudgeful nor ‘hating,’ I merely call it as I see it, the same way you are right now? As for KFC keeping you waiting that is why I seldom head there. Actually, how many restaurant reviews do you see in Barbados? None! All the media is afraid as they want everyone’s Ads, but I keep it real and perhaps you are a “grudgeful” employee?


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