Hilton Barbados Talent Search 2011 – Where the Emcees should be Judged too!

This item is way overdue – the last few weeks have been excessively hectic and only now a chance has been available to look at an event which should have been fun but in many cases the lustre lost its appeal due to poor coordination and misappropriation of resources already in plentiful stock…

Nice try, but consult Shakespeare's "Hamlet" about the soul of wit...

Hilton Barbados (after the new version rebranded in 2005)’s very first talent show was funny in and of itself but the Emcee that year was dreadful, he actually made seaweed drying appear like an orgasmic experience… Then the successive years they decided to draw in one of their Guest Service managers, Adrian Armstrong – I never wanted to see another host for their show, he is that good!

The Judges that night were;- "Admiral" Nelson, Richard Stoute, Janique Mason & 'Jude The Dude' Eastmond - Ronnie Morris got their so late he could only be a spectator as he missed the first 3 performances and therefore could not give a comprehensive assessment!

Adrian is worthy of being Paul Shaffer or Ed McMahon in a Leno, Letterman or Carson type of talk-show, he has crucial timing and is an excellent diverter of the audience’s attention when things go wrong backstage – he can be poking fun at you without making you feel your dignity was abraded.

This sexy BBBW had a surprise in her purse, which left many an audience member hooting down the Ballroom!

So why on God’s green earth they wasted money in bringing in a co-Host for the show was beyond me, I am sure they could have taken the fee they poured on bringing in the other performer and handed it over to Adrian who can easily moonlight as a calypso show host for any tent, way better than the old veteran they squandered profits with! Making a nuisance of yourself at cricket and having an online company hand you a Royalty cheque does not necessarily mean you are a hit, it just means you have good managers or can negotiate deals successfully!

This dude hit a sour note which could sterilise mosquitoes and flies in a 500 yard radius

Next thing, why was the show 90 minutes late? This created so much chaos for the snack-time for patrons, mostly friends and family of those playing in the event, when they paused for a break of “ten” minutes (which was really 20), people were so hungry there was almost food fights! No one wanted to give way to anyone else for drinks or samosas, fishcakes, and vegetables with dip!

Shanika & Kamar took on reggae with a band, they deserved 2nd rather than 3rd spot, I felt

In the end, after repeating “EXCUSE ME”  to a sickening degree, I had to eventually treat it like rugby, American football or the days when Fairchild Street had no Bus terminal – I had to use my shoulders and shrug past the other crabs and piranha for the goodies… Even so far as using my hand to grab a cutter or cake as no one wanted to surrender tongs for selecting items; pure mayhem as a description only scratches the surface that night!

No this is not a cousin of John Travolta, this is the Hilton's Manager doing Retro via Shirt-Jac, LOL

Future shows also need to set a Time Limit on entries, if you cannot finish in 4 minutes then you are instantly disqualified! There were 2 AIDS skits – one hilarious at first then boring while the other was boring from the start to its forced conclusion… I kid you not, a gal from Housekeeping had this phone conversation on a Blackberry and they eventually had to cut her Microphone and dim the lights, but she was like Energiser bunny and kept going until a stage-hand set “GET OFF” and the frightening thing is she couldn’t understand the fuss and felt she was great and was completely oblivious to the fact the audience was ready to throw things at her!

The other skit had a good concept but needed better editing, it was a barman who spoke of his joining Hilton then he seduced a guest who left him a fatal gift… At least when he was told to end his piece quickly he took the hint and brought the finish up very fast!

If this was Apollo, both the Dancer and the Hook would have been sent for her...

The overall winner was the dude who copped the 2008 victory, Damian Reid, with “EATmergency” this time around he appeared to be advising a vegetarian diet which was a laugh to some of the audience who say they can see Damian yamming down a good souse on a Saturday! Damian also earned Blackberry for Originality…

Damian Reid, winner of 2008 & 2011 doing an Encore for the audience at Needham's Point

Nicole Best from Housekeeping (not the disaster who was shut off) got 2nd place while the duet of Shanika Haynes and Kamar Gall got 3rd with Best Duo although I felt they should have been Second Place instead?

The best coordinated area was the not for Judgment fashion show which had Sports and a 70’s pastiche which included their Manager Matthew Mullan in a Shirt-Jac suit! What a great sport!

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