Case of the Missing Apostrophe – UWI spends on naming path for Haitian Rebel, while Drama students concerns ignored

The University of the West Indies recently laid out a large sum to have the ‘Concourse‘ or the path leading to the Walcott Warner Theatre suddenly get a name and be given a name of of a Nationality which you hardly find at the Cave Hill Campus – Haitians, with all due respects I know you can find Africans, Cubans, Jamaicans, Trinis and St Lucians every now and again a Grenadian but I do not recall any folks from Gonaïves or Port-Au-Prince, etc. In all fairness I do not know if this also the case at Mona or St Augustine’s facilities…

Nevertheless, powers that be at Cave Hill decree that the path behind the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination leading to the Walcott-Warner Theatre now be referred to as the Toussaint Louverture Concourse, a huge boulder with a brass plate (This was transported by a CO Williams truck, one wonders what was the entire price tag?) heralds a mural along the path painted by a Cuban artist brought in to perform the colouring.

Rather than have an elaborate ceremony which many left early as there were no nibbles (only wine/fruit juice or aerateds), why not let UWI students who were due to conclude their Dress rehearsal for the Capstone presentation on the same night finish their prepping? Funds could be used to provide overtime for Security who usually lock up EBCCI at 10:PM more precisely than the BBC pips. The guards with a nice fiscal incentive can be persuaded to run shifts which conclude by 11:30 or even Midnight, since Dramatic preparation can be known to overrun…

Fmr. Sen. Keith Laurie, co-puller of curtain for Boulder: CLICK FOR BIGGER and observe spelling carefully on plaque!

Now for other details, my invitation and the Programme (which I still possess) list Haiti’s Liberator as L’Ouverture yet when one observes the painted boulder (BTW: Even more expense – how often will new coats be applied? Would it not be more cost effective in long run to use unpainted concrete in a Lectern style hosting same plaque?) the brass plate clearly states his patronym as LOuverture with a huge hollow letter “O” this is clearly inconsistency of continuity. Nevertheless, I googled a search of whether or not the Haitian rebel indeed dropped the apostrophe and if one looks around there are numerous sites which allude to the change of spelling.

The mural was exposed by Professors George Lamming & Sir Hilary Beckles

Pro Vice-Chancellor & Principal, Sir Hilary Beckles, also confirmed there was a name change but he could not recall where he saw the historical reference {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Sir Hilary says he has seen documents where Toussaint signed both with and without an apostrophe, although without was far more commonplace to the end of his career

Sir Hilary also had alluded in his speech that Toussaint was an original Pan-Caribbean advocate, even providing safe harbour for Jamaican Maroons – however we continue to search for the reference he drew on, as we are yet to find a corollary. The reason this Web Magazine sought clarification from the Professor, was we sought to rationalise paying a Cuban Artist to do a Haitian mural on a Barbadian Campus? In the Principal’s view, this is an epitome of what Toussaint Louverture sought to do when he broke away from Napoleon’s aegis {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

The Pro Vice-Chancellor says the juxtaposition and mixture of Nationalities at such an institution for this particular task is in keeping with the memory of the Haitian Leader who defied Napoleon in France.

The guard was rushing out of the "Craftswomen of Our Fate" expo only to rebuke the girl pupil for doing exactly what she saw him doing, walking all about and gazing?

The night was a curlicue of conundrums, such as the art show where the doors were open yet no one is allowed to walk in and view until the double unveiling (Concourse & Brass Plaque outside) has been effected yet the Security walks in the gallery and palances all about until a female student walks up to do same, then he behaves all officious again, chasing her away… Oh I see, when you have a badge you can make the rules up and tell people follow them, rather than set the correct example for all to emulate?

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