Caribbean Fantasy set to Canvas – Island Art Gallery showcases Guyanese & Trinidadian palettes in a Barbadian tableau

"Incarcerated By Words" - Venezuelan born yet Caribbean raised Rosemary Parkinson

A Chinese philosopher once slept a rest which created more disturbance than a nightmare – was he dreaming he was a butterfly or a butterfly who wished to be a man? The elliptic riddle seldom bothers most mere mortals but what can one do but ponder such phantasms when brought to life in varied rare ways by Patrick Foster and Rosemary Parkinson?

"Prince Charming, Kiss My Bottom" - Rosemary Parkinson

Setting Speightstown’s Island Art Gallery alight with the vivid colours of their deepest desires or their furthest reaches, the duo took many Bajans by surprise with their reaches into the Jungian playground of mythic archetypes. Patrick’s looked more at a Caribbean expression of such spirituality in familiar backdrops.

Patrick Michael Foster's "Mama Glo's Grove" is electric!

Both Rosemary and Patrick use colour to hide or display their feelings of spirituality yet each has their own way to cast the brilliance.

Rosemary poses between her works for a video Interview, as the Camera crew set up

Patrick’s method is blending each hue and every pigment rather like one of two Frank’s – Frazetta or Kelly Freas; Peter Max would enjoy the laughing clash of Rosemary’s strokes which are never far from Trinidad’s or Latin America’s Carnival settings. Even the pair’s way of preparing the canvasses are completely dichotomous – Patrick must compose alone with minimal conversation, if any – while Rosemary lets anything or anyone happen while the muse decides whether or not to interrupt or guide her along the taut frame of the developing picture.

Patrick's "The Cat from St George" bears a striking resemblance to one of my own brood before Colon Cancer claimed Simon last year...

Both have their work available for public consumption, yet once more the difference is readily apparent in their fee structure – Rosemary wants people to snap up her work quickly and has tags which some may consider friendly while Patrick is very exclusive about who deserves to display his canvasses near or far and his fees suggest a more upscale person with extremely defined tastes.

Kathleen Yearwood {extreme right} pauses in front of "FULL FRONTAL MALE NUDE WITH ALL OF THE USUAL SUSPECTS" which for me apart from looking at all aspects of Sexuality, also is shaped in the continent of Africa

Patrick’s canvasses also looked at everyday studies like male nudes, cows or cats; while Rosemary explored different places where thought goes – many times exploring the silliness of angst.

Three of the Musketeers who paraded the caribbean in NY during the 70's, absent was the late and very great Doriel Went (who introduced me to some of the finer joys in Science Fiction)

The night of their launch was not just for them, they shared the spotlight, and deservedly so, with noted Photographer, painter and Animal Rights activist Corrie Scott who was shown appreciation for her touting Art throughout the whole region as well as here, this gratitude from both Patrick & Rosemary was sealed by way of a specially engraved bottle of premier Rum (Mount Gay was one of the sponsors, Lucky Horseshoe was another who catered while flyers were distributed by Curtis Greenidge’s Ace Cards), knowing Corrie, I doubt that Rum will ever be opened unless Barbados gets a National Gallery!

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  1. Dear Ian, While I’m very appreciative of your very friendly review, I feel bound to comment on your comment about my prices. I’m not at all exclusive regards my work and who “deserves” to see/hang it. My work encompasses, through legend that runs in my soul and through my blood, we Caribbean through me Caribbean eyes and is understood and appreciated by many, on many levels, I assure you, who might not be thus termed materially “upscale” – including myself. I’ve been painting and exhibiting since 1976. My work has developed and grown – not a boast, I know this. Art, one of OUTTA ORDER’s messages on opening nite, APPRECIATES in value. The work of an artist, often thrown aside in our community as “not a real job” IS A VERY REAL, TIME CONSUMING, SOUL GIVING JOB. While I do need the money to survive, I came to the decision long time ago not to demean the worth of what I do (plus the exhibiting Gallery’s percentage fee), even if I might suffer materially for it. Legend is life. Life is legendary. OneLove.

  2. Oh! What an OUTTA ORDER night. I thank you for being there Ian. And more than anything I am so beholding for this wonderful look at the work! I am sure Patrick is too. Just a whisper…the top painting portrayed is Incarcerated By Words (a problem of writers sometimes!)…the Bio Clock Fantasy was the one with the little sperms rushing to the watch (he he heeee! guess dat punch was real sweet eh?!). And yes! honouring that very special lady Corrie Scott was indeed our honour…think she just might sip?? Any bets on Ian??

    On a more serious note. Patrick & I would like to thank sponsors for without them this event would not have been possible… and would-be futuristic sponsors would not realize how much coverage they get by sponsoring art.

    It is so important to be appreciated as artists and they as sponsors.

    So here they are in full: sianindesign for the amazing OUTTA ORDER design, ACE cards for printing and distribution of poscards announcing the show islandwide, Lucky Horseshoe, Laura Galt & her lovely staff for the amazing food & all the hard work in dishing out same as well as the drink! IamPureFoods’ Jazmeen & Mark Waterman (great cassava bites, gluten & sugar-free!), John Hazzard at Water’s Edge – Bougainvillea Hotel, Island Blends and Alicia for all the great juices, Mount Gay Rum – that punch and (special brew by moi) would not have been possible without Raphael Grisoni and Mount Gay), Mr. Kenrick Boucher and his fabulous local Shalana Wines – you gotta be proud of this gentleman!) and Trevor Hunte at COW Williams for the amazing local flowers. We were indeed blessed.

    Just a quick note for the interest of those who do not understand the word Creative Arts. I had asked for sponsorship from another local company. The Marketing Manager said their budget for “charities” was taken. I was horrified. Reason? Everything a company is, has been initially created by a creative being – from their sign with logo.. down to the chair those who work within sit on…even including the clothes they wear!

    Although most of the time creative people are paid charity money for the work they do (a perfect example of this was a friend was told by a gentleman in a power position of the media world “the problem with you creative people is that you want to be paid!”), I am sure that all of us who are part of the creative community (and that includes you Ian as a writer) must resent this and hope that the letter I wrote will have this person’s superiors change their erroneous way of grouping us under the heading of charity.

    OUTTA ORDER continues until 27th April. The sad part is that once again we will see the closing of one of the loveliest galleries on the island. I guess, we the artist, need to band together to ensure that Art becomes an important part of nation building. Art at the airport. Art in government. Art in Corporate Barbados. Art in Homes. Art on the streets. Art everywhere. For colour is life!

  3. I am aware that creation is a huge process, as this website is a very Labour Of Love in itself, Patrick, but I just want to see people who deserve rewards receive them in a timely manner and if in so doing, one asks for less than what you really feel is worth may make up for it in the number of requests to have your work… Everyone should not only aspire to heights but feel the breeze – Nuff respect! (Simply put, I wantToute Bagai pictures to sell Vitte!)

  4. Oops – will change, your fault with that “Baku,” LOL!

  5. @AirBourne – that’s what I thought…ha ha haaaa! Good stuff eh?



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