BVI’s Minister of Education appeals for all to lend hand in addressing youth problems

Minister of Education & Culture in the British Virgin Islands, with responsibility for youth affairs, Andrew Fahie is making an appeal to all to play a part in helping to curb the many negative problems being faced by the country’s youth.

BVI's Minister of Education, Culture and Youth in the BVI, Hon. Andrew Fahie.

The Cabinet Minister in a recent telephone interview pointed out that the many issues such like gang violence, drugs and crime are some of the burning problems that are affecting society. He noted that while they are many challenges he is of the firm belief that society can play a positive role by addressing them in whatever way that they can.

He said that groups like the church, business community, parents, schools, teachers and elders in the community can play a more meaningful role noting that while parents are expected to do their part it is important that all come together and lend a hand.

The Education Minister called upon all to stop casting blame as to who is responsible whether they are parents, churches, community leaders, business, social organisations among other he said the time for casting blame is over. “Let us stop casting blame and see how we can help in eradicating the many negative ills that we are confronted with, we need to come together as only when we come together and be unified that we can effectively address these problems,” he said.

Fahie in his passionate appeal said that he would like to see a renewed commitment being made where persons can assist in some way irrespective of how small it is. He said that despite the contributions being small it is very effective if it is sustained and is continuous. “Your contributions may seem small but let me assure you that once it is being sustained and continuous it would aid in achieving the primary objective,” he said.

He added, “I believe that if we can take this approach to the current problems that we are facing it would certainly yield positive results. We need to improve on how we communicate so that all regardless of whether they are wrong or right can feel a sense of comfort in communicating with each other. Once we can look at having these issues addressed by all and not have blame cast as to who should or should not be addressing them then we can begin to see success.”

Minister Fahie expressed the confidence that with positive contributions being made that with more caring, concerned and committed individuals that it would aid in changing the present culture. He noted that this is the type of concrete commitment that he would want to see for the future of the nation’s youth, which he said would be the most powerful countermeasure, we, as a society, can come up with as we all commit to working towards preventing what he said is the emergence of new and continuous negative ills.

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