Barbadians have a CHUM in Canada as Radio Station makes Top Acts available for all Barbados

They began with "Misery," and also regaled folks with "Makes Me Wonder" among their many other hits

Barbados more and more is becoming a lodestone for premium entertainers laying their shingle here, in the 50’s the Supremes and in the 70’s there was Stevie Wonder fast forward to 2004 when Bryan Adams, 2007 found UB 40 – next month John Legend will be here while just days ago there was Maroon 5 with Jennifer Hudson!

Adam Levine – lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1994–present); Jesse Carmichael – keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals (1994–present); Mickey Madden – bass guitar (1994–present); James Valentine – lead guitar, backing vocals (2001–present) & Matt Flynn – drums, percussion (2006–present)

Like Bryan Adams, they came as part of Canadian radio station CHUM FM’s ongoing “Breakfast In Barbados” where Canadians get a chance to escape the slush and bite of Winter in Ottawa not so far from the top of the world.

Unlike Kenny Rogers, Skeeter Davis or Engelbert Humperdinck – these young titans do not wait to become worn out old has-been’s hoping to grab a quick addition to their pension cheques, they seek to push their talent and make it a globally recognised brand right NOW!

Jennifer Hudson learns how much the crowd loves her tunes... Wonder how Simon Cowell feels,when he recalls she he proclaimed she'd never go far - was that why he left American Idol?

In one of the few times the Jazz festival here had genuine jazz, when Al Jarreau serenaded Barbados with his near-Trademark “Mornin’” he visibly leapt back in surprise when the crowd of white and black Bajans started to sing or hum the chorus word for word and every line… Maroon 5 when regaling Holder’s Field met a similar surprise when they did an acoustic version of “She Will Be Loved,” and frontman Adam Levine jokingly suggested he’d shut up and just let the guitar roll while the audience can croon – he was a bit startled when the people indicated that would not be a problem!

In researching these guys, I was amazed to learn they’re actually American – I swore they were British, in the way they approach music and have these suave yet semi-jaded romantic lyrics hinted at a European flavour rather than the usual American flare. I was so thrilled when they included in that night’s repertoire the love theme from Wimbledon with Paul Bettany, made by the same folk who did “Love Actually” & “4 Weddings and  A Funeral” so on hearing this hit from that sporty Romantic Comedy I was in Nirvana (ironically, the old Kurt Cobain group is one of Maroon 5‘s inspirations)!

The crowd was 25 to 45 and young Professionals or Graduates, with a variety of Bajan society.

Now Jennifer Hudson, she has a definite flare in vocal power, the power hinted at in Dreamgirls was delivered in complete glory on the West Coast the other night – but I am sure for many the highlight was when her sleepy tousle-headed baby boy stepped out to see what was Mama up to? He had a toy Microphone like a teddy bear or security blanket with him and she sang her “If This Isn’t Love” to her little man and I am sure there was not a single dry eye in the house…

She also did her famed “Spotlight,” But moreso she chose to feature many new songs promoting her new disk “I Remember Me,” although a very fresh 29 years old, she feels Life has been longer and thus the album and the title track. Her travelling has not been as many places as Maroon 5, but she told people that she heard Bajans like to party.

The least significant member of the night thankfully was placed first, this was Suzie McNeil (apparently her biggest hit was a song for Winter Olympics) who did little for any of the audience including the Canadian posse, everyone wondered why she wore a short dress and bent over to reveal ENORMOUS panties, no thong!

Scene Stealer of the Night - when young lad came to see why Mommy was not asleep yet...

The best part was when Maroon 5 fooled many Bajans into thinking there was no Encore and some madman never surrendered and kept yelling “MORE! Gaw’ Bleen’it!” until his voice was no more (Ahem, Chloraseptic anyone? Blushes!) and the guys came back out and gave everyone Sunday Morning as their final tune, a fitting cap to a wonderful weekend!

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