Renpet: 2012 – Science Fiction or Fact? Entire World Becomes One Race? Mutation or Rapture?

  • I am a Black Sci-Fi 1st time Novelist, who is embarking on promoting my book throughout the community and the world.The sole person who inspired me was Octavia Butler. The book I have written is called Renpet. I would like to connect as many people to my work as possible, especially those of the African Dispora. I noticed your post about Anime and Manga, I have been a fan for over 2 decades. I would love for the youth of Barbados to be able to read my sci-fi novel and expose them to new ideas…

Allegedly, scientists have recently received transmissions from what may be an alternative future Earth. So far the only proof, besides the strange radio waves that have entered our atmosphere, is a Science Fiction Novel called Renpet.

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Upon further investigation into the strange communication, it was found that the entire storyline was transmitted to the writer. Through dreams, a being named Serqet communicated with him. Here is a brief synopsis on the Science Fiction Novel Renpet:

Serqet’s leisurely strolls through the corridors of her inter-dimensional spacecraft come to an end when the Elders of her advanced race of beings summon her. She has trained for this moment for all her life however nothing prepares her for the depth of responsibility expected of her, the survival of her bloodline.

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