With critically acclaimed status, Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall is off to a “over dweet” start according to fans of the show’s social networks. The contestants who this year brought more mallet lyrics and rode ‘riddims’ as they showed they were indeed ready for the first LIVE Show last Saturday as the show broadcasted LIVE from its new home at KIA Motor Cars on Chelsea Avenue.

MKQ Judge - Skatta Burrell; Viewers of Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall can follow and interact with the show on Twitter @MagnumDancehall or ‘Like’ the Facebook Fan Page at facebook.com/ MagnumKingsandQueens

From the reactions of fans on both social network sites, Facebook and Twitter, many seemed satisfied with both the production and first set of 14 contestants in this year’s increased 28 finalist. One fan on the Facebook site by the name Layla So Sweet noted: “Really good start this year! Contestants really bringing it this year!

Others who commented expressed similar sentiments were also quick to use the opportunity to shout across the pages who they thought were better contestants and solicit votes. Obviously excited Tavar HottSkull Davis exclaimed: “YOOOW, di ting shatt 2night, can’t wait 4 next week… HAMMA HAMMA HAMMA, SHELL SHELL SHELL!!! TRIPLE R & JEMINEYE MI SEH!!

New Host Yanique at work in her skintight outfit, seen here with contestant Triple R

Other persons used the opportunity to comment on the Judges, also sending birthday wishes to resident judge Ms Kitty who shared her birthday along with the first Live Show.

In the meantime, another fan of the show gave the producers of the show commendation. Ann-Marie Bernard held: “Di show start gud mi naah lie, di whole a dem cum n duh dem part it was nicely put 2gthr di judge dem duh dem work luv Miss Kitty vibes, ah it build di show, always talk di truth, plain and straight wi seh who nuh like it duh dem next best. Can’t wait 4 next week…

Birthday Girl, MKQ Judge - Ms. Kitty

Sanjay Ramanand, one of the producers for Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall, shared similar sentiments noting that the show was off to a good start: “The energy that the contestants brought was good and likewise was the oomph from the host. The contestants really delivered… it’s a good start for our first show and it will only get better during the season. The delivery and quality of lyrics heard last Saturday were very commendable. We have a great set of contestants this year.”

Agreeing with fans of the show the producer also noted that the new host did a good job. “It’s Yanique’s first time doing the show and she did a good job, from here it can only get better,” expressed Sanjay confidently.

MKQ Judge - Professor Nuts

The micro blogging site Twitter was also in frenzy, with persons declaring their winners even though 14 more contestants are expected this Saturday night. Responding to a question about their favourite contestant @tanyah78 told the show’s Twitter account, @MagnumDancehall: “That cute guy with the dimples for King and the young lady who say she nah fall in love!!” @MagnumDancehall engaged @tanyah78 in conversation asking her if she was judging based on looks and was told, “Definitely not he has talent too.”

Some fans couldn’t resist commenting on new host Yanique’s outfit done by Dexter “3D” Pottinger. “Love the show and Yanique girl u sexy as hell…,” commented Cyrstal Diamond. Other comments left by fans were mostly in favour of the outfit described by fans as showing up Yanique’s physique. Designer Dexter Pottinger explained in an interview that the outfit was a creative one, which was expected to give that “Nicki Minaj effect” along with the back-length hair.

The judges also gave good reviews of the show noting that good talent, lyrics and delivery were evident. Professor Nuts who owns the Twitter account @ProfessorNutss took to the site saying: “This was a good show I surely enjoyed myself….now its time for y’all to vote for who u think should be here again.”

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