New Barbadian Gated Community – Adams Castle Estate: Very Upscale

It is very ironic this project which has so many DLP involved in it, should have the name of Adams Castle Estate? As in either Grantley, Tom or even Rawdon? Was this a weird joke? Was it the DEms’ way of sayimg the Bees had a Dynasty with Tom and Grantley, but Rawdi says “Non!” (he lives in France) Or it slipped their mind?

Minister of Housing Michael Lashley, (the same guy who sacked Marilyn Rice-Bowen as Chair of NHC because she dared question who was getting Contracts & why?) shaking hands, after Ribbon-Cutting, with Elias Haloute one of the Investors in Adams Castle.

Two gates, heavily monitored, surrounding 104 lots await sales and development into homes & properties for some of Barbados but it remains to be seen if any Bajan can claim a piece of this part of the Rock?

No High Tech was not spared this Launch for a market definitely not Lower Income...

Most Utilities are slated to be stored under the development’s surface, this sophistication probably explains why many Lots average at a common rate of Approximately $375,000 per Unit – please view this feature right to the end where the Credits detail the High & Low end of areas which do not even have a single brick laid or stick of furniture to be moved in, since there are not yet roofs to shelter!

At immediate left is Carole Bishop, former PRO for Light & Power while the dude with beard and specs is ex-DLP City Candidate, Abdul Pandor

The quality of dwellings can also raise or lower the value of a given property, with Rayside Construction looking to secure most of the contracts, one can be assured the edifices will be developed from a rather significant budget which may indeed require rather Deep Pockets in order to see reality…

The South Coast experiment to see if the West Coast finance can be transported?

This in fact begs the question as to how many Bajans, in this current and long-outstanding Fiscal Crisis, can truly end up calling any of these properties as Home? With pricing like this, one cannot be blamed if they pondered if this is te South Coast’s answer to the West Coast off-duty Hollywood lifestyle?

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  1. Barbados is outside of earthquakes, so the package is still good while pricey, gated communities help remove homeless and salespeople or Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  2. see if you can find any thing on Adams Castle after 1846 till now, see if there is a CLEAR TITLE TO LAND,


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