Barbadian Clergyman suspects Students abuse Technology for Illegal gains – Reports of Cellphone Videos of Children in Lewd Acts

Since the advent of cellphones for Barbados it has been a blessing and a bane – it is said when a manager from a popular beverage institute was trapped in his vehicle after an accident he was able to text for help; conversely – one of the more popular mobile videos circulating in Barbados is of a young male performing an obscene act with a sheep and using a condom!

Is stopping mobile use by children similar to closing the barn door long after the horse has galloped off?

Not so long ago, there has been a very passionate argument, both Pro & Con, for children having mobiles while attending school – perhaps what the Parents should do is give their children Basic units with no camera nor video capability, instead of caving in to children’s pleas to have the latest Technology or ‘Bling.’

You may recall Barbados Free Press ran an item looking at cellphone videos with schoolchildren, their language was rather blunt and while they saw kids abusing mobiles as a symptom, they did not see removing the phones as being the cure… Perhaps this needs to be reviewed since it has apparently sunk to worse levels?

Pastor Roger Husbands to extreme Right, chatting with panellists before engaging with Queen's College's PTA recently

In a recent PTA meeting at Queen’s College, Pastor RogerGangs Of BarbadosHusbands, made a startling accusation how children look to supplement their allowances (if any) received from parents {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

The head of Drugs Education Counselling Services told QC Parents how one boy makes $500 a week off of children doing pornography on each other and recording it on video to share between Blackberry users

There are recent claims Rihanna made a pass at Colin Farrell via raunchy text messages, this is known as "Sexting," is she sending the wrong MESSAGE to local girls who are now growing up and have no proper basis of right nor wrong?

While the claim may seem outrageous, the local cleric also tied it in with the current popularity of Rihanna and how far Bajan girls will go to reach Rihanna’s levels of money, houses and lifestyle {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

The clergyman says if Barbadians do not pay more attention to their children then when they get beyond control it should not be a shock to anyone – he is concerned how many young girls appear unsuprvised while browsing the Net and decide they want to do everything Rihanna is doing

Pastor Husbands does not see much difference with Rihanna’s off-stage antics and the controversial video about “Pat & Crank” which has led to a Barbadian slang-word becoming part of the Urban Dictionary {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Scabical” is a part of slang from Bajan music and now it is becoming a lifestyle which appears normal simply by show of force, not because it’s right

There has been an accusation that Rihanna’s dance with Drake for “Only Girl In The World” in the Grammy’s was based on Pat & Crank, now when I got a private e-mail and then was quoted without notification, I had said and still tend to believe, that the dance was more like a Jamaican Bogle…

At the evening portion of the PTA, Roger Husbands (left & seated) listens to a query from a concerned parent (standing) over Dancehall music, this is when "PAT & CRANK" was examined critically

However many feel there is a ‘scabical‘ element to the dance, how honest are they in their concern when they still turn around and buy Rihanna’s new scent “Reb’l Fleur” like it is going out of manufacturing tomorrow?

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