Where Minority becomes Reality – How Philip K Dick’s eerie worlds are closer than you think, even in Barbados!

There was a very significant Corporate Seminar at Hilton Barbados recently where a Guest lecturer pointed out how audience members who fly frequently don’t bother to recall if the trip was perfect in every way yet personnel on planes make sure every aspect is understood before it almost becomes reality.

The use of how a ball lands and scribing pre-cognitive functions has been happening for the last ten years or so

Ariel Segall of Cloud Mobile Forms related an experience where a passenger wanted water and could not get the stewardess’ attention, so they Tweeted to the effect “What does one have to do to get water on {COMPANY NAME} Airlines?” 30 seconds after their entry appeared on Micro-Blog website Twitter there was a stewardess with a frosty glass of the liquid in question.

Speaker at the podium is Brian Skylar from Blackberry/RIM, but Mr Ariel Segall is seated 4th from Skylar's right

The passenger was dumbfounded, little realising the Flight Crew in the cockpit monitored Twitter for any references to not only their company but any particular flights they engaged in so as to keep complaints down to less than minimum!

This near prediction of the future reminded me of Philip K. Dick’s “Minority Report” which featured Max Von Sydow, Colin Farrell & Tom Cruise. Where Pre-Crime is a given Tangent of law enforcement in the decades ahead, so I asked Mr Segall is the film just being weird or did they have a basis in fact?

In South America, shopping malls place ads based on Bluetooth streaming data from customers

Segall, born in Venezuela of Romanian parents, told the Bajan Reporter how even Xbox has borrowed aspects of “Minority Report” to enhance the performance of their products {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Both Microsoft and Apple are using techniques from the picture to enhance how users play their video games

Mr Segall also sees the Lexus Mag-Lev from the same film, as a car who drives itself – as becoming real in the next decade although the technology to make it happen is available right now {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

While cars can propel themselves on their own, the navigation to have them run independently is still at its infancy

I asked if GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) is used to track Livestock like polo ponies or treasured pets if they’re kidnapped (insert a chip under their skin) and his reply led me down avenues I had not considered {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

GPS can be used to see if cows are in the rain and you need to shelter them before they get wet & cold, or use in NFL helmets to ensure players are not injured or overheating

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  1. Thank you for your consideration towards my person for this article. Just wanted to clarify. Passenger twitted that he asked for water 20 min ago for a medicine and that he was sitting on flight x at seat y. Airline’s social media manager is who read this post and notified the cockpit about this situation, and then they reacted accordingly.



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