Preview of Candidacy of Christ Church West Central from Social Commentator Henderson Bovell: Who Will It “B”?

When the results of the nomination being held at the Deighton Griffith School, tomorrow (Sunday, February 27th 2011) at 4:30 p.m., are official announced, there will be a duty of care on the Christ Church West Central Branch – to assist the Barbados Labour Party in sending a crystal clear message to the entire Barbadians society, that the BLP is going to engage only – in serious politics, in the interest of the people.

If the Branch has a clear vision and accepts that two of Barbados national strategic objectives, ought to be: (a) the promotion of quality long life, and (b) the promotion of good health and wellness – healthy active and productive ageing and – if it further believes in ‘good old fashion Barbadians values’ like: ‘principle,’ ‘stability’ and, that a person does not have to be in the House of Assembly to: “do good works” – then the Christ Church West Central Branch will have absolutely no difficulty, selecting the right candidate, which will strengthen the capacity of “Team BLP” and give it a competitive edge.

{FILE IMAGE - DEIGHTON GRIFFITH SECONDARY} Will school be packed as last year September?

What the Branch must not do, is give Stephen Lashley a campaign on a platter, even long before the general election date has been announced. Surely the BLP has competent political strategists who are capable of modern political thought! However, the one thing that should be occupying the minds of those eligible to vote, must be: (a) which candidate is likely to be taken seriously by the constituents and the political opponent and, at the same time (b) embodies the ‘good old fashion Barbadian core values’ mentioned above, while also (c) satisfying what has to become Barbados’ national strategic objectives, given this country’s reality and development needs?

Henderson Bovell calls it as he sees it for what's needed to send a message to Stephen Lashley, current MP of Ch Ch West Central

Now, don’t get me wrong! I am not saying that Joe Edghill is your man or that he continues to demonstrate that you do not have to be in the House of Assembly to “do good works;” that people trust him with their lives and that of their family or even that when people want to get well – they turn to him for the answers. Neither am I saying that – given the DLP’s high taxes, which have resulted in reduced income, and that when compounded by job lost – such may lead to stress; anxiety; depression or even mental illness or that in such cases: Edghill’s Office/Pharmacy would be the place you would head-to or that, in the circumstances – Joseph Edghill is therefore your man.

Instead, my thesis is simply this: If the Christ Church West Central Branch does not consider this matter carefully, it could make two mistakes: It could offend the senior citizens and youth vote or even more horrible – it could give Stephen Lashley his campaign. That: the BLP-CCWC Branch selected a person for whom the people of Christ Church West Central is an “afterthought;” that for the BLP, the people of that constituency is a second-best-option, whereas for him – representing the people of Christ Church West Central has always been a first-option and sole priority.

Barbados and its economy have a medical health problem. Similarly, even if Dr. Jerome Walcott were to give you a prescription, you would still have to go to a person like David Gill. Why David Gill? Because he is a Pharmacist: the man who people eventually have to turn to when they have a problem or want sound advice how to get better.

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