NCF Crop Over Stakeholders Meeting at Steel Shed: Same Story, Different Day?

Starcom Network's Programme Manager Ronnie Clarke urging the new Board to ensure proper Security is in place when Media Personnel review Performers - making an oblique reference to the Gabby/Admiral clash at the end of Crop Over 2010

The NCF wishes under its new Board to appear as a kinder, gentler and more Culturally accessible entity. Yet it took what seems to this Web Magazine a rather Draconian approach of stating that no recordings were allowed of this meeting as they were already recording it!

Oh, they tried to sugar-coat it and claimed the enforcement of this directive was to allow for more open comment at the session but many media personnel were surprised at the move. Stetson Babb did not stay for very long in fact, and I nearly left too.

But I stood the ground so make my statement that NCF personnel need to grow thicker skins, I will disagree with them and they will disagree with me – this does not mean they should bar me from covering particular events once we clashed.

I cited how in 2008 everything was hunky-dory on both sides, but in 2009 when there was a Poetry review which lifted many eyebrows and I did not carry every dignitary’s comments then all of a sudden I was not invited to cover that year’s Pic O’De Crop Finals? In 2010 when myself and ex-Chairman Ken Knight disagreed on certain matters, again I was not invited to cover Finals at Kensington Oval.

This smacks of petty ego’s not far from an infant caught in a violent tantrum over some food or toy it wants and is denied it, since the parent is preventing it then it foams at the mouth or in this case they seek to cut off my coverage yet when they get a new Sponsor – how am I such a best Buddy then eh? Oh Pal O’Mine?

DON’T WORK SO – COVERAGE IS CONSTANT REGARDLESS IF WE THINK IN TANDEM OR NOT! It will be interesting to see what the NCF does after the publication of this item, as they declared that no one making a statement in this meeting was to be reported on – they claimed they sent a note clarifying this, even if they did, who are they to decide if contents are private or Public? With Media for crying out loud? Which Galaxy did you just parsec from, Bub?

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