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Montserrat Tourist Board Facebook page has more fans than residents

Montserrat Tourist Board Facebook page has more fans than residents

Langs Soufriere

The Montserrat Tourist Board (MTB) is boasting that the island has more fans than inhabitants, according to a recent press statement.

The MTB’s Island of Montserrat Fan page on the popular social media platform Facebook now has 5288 fans as opposed to the island’s current population of 5039.

{IMAGE COURTESY – DAGAN SMITH} For more information about visiting Montserrat please go to For the Montserrat Facebook page please go to

In the 1980s Montserrat was a famous celebrity hangout. Thanks to Sir George Martin’s AIR Studios artists like Rolling Stones, Sting, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Dire Straits and Duran Duran were regularly spotted on the island. But in 1989 Montserrat was severely battered by hurricane Hugo and a few years later the Soufrière Hills volcano woke up after a long period of dormancy. The catastrophic eruptions in mid-1990s covered the southern half of the island with ash and mudflows, including its airport and docking facilities, transformed its capital Plymouth into a modern day Pompeii and forced the displacement of more than two thirds of its population overseas.

Today Montserrat is moving forward but has kept that feeling of ‘the way the Caribbean used to be’. More and more visitors come to explore the island and Montserratians are also returning to help with redevelopment. The volcano remains active but its inhabitants have learned to live with it and are keen to promote ‘volcano-tourism’, including the recent introduction of a Volcano Half Marathon, the only one of its kind in the world.

Montserrat’s Facebook page keeps its solid community of fans up to date with events, activities and the latest developments on the island, and also serves as an interactive platform where people can share images, exchange ideas and get in touch directly with the Montserrat Tourism Board,” the statement read.

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  1. Peter Donald Avatar
    Peter Donald

    I have spent so many good times on Montserrat. My interview with George Martin was published in Vanity Fair back in the day. So many great trips, so much great music, so many good people. I also wrote a story about The Village Place, Andy Lawrence’s restaurant, which I spent a lot of time at, as did the folks from AIR.

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