L R Dianne Drayton Superintendent Alwin James RGM Bevis Sylvester and ROM Chaunci Cline

Fighting Crime Together: Royal Virgin Islands Police Force Partners with Delta Petroleum

Fighting Crime Together: Royal Virgin Islands Police Force Partners with Delta Petroleum

L R Dianne Drayton Superintendent Alwin James RGM Bevis Sylvester and ROM Chaunci Cline

For what can be termed as their unwavering, continuous and significant support, Delta Petroleum has once again come forward to provide financial assistance to another initiative, which is geared at enhancing and helping to mold the young men and women in the British Virgin Isles {BVI}.

This time Delta Petroleum is partnering with the Police to celebrate Police Week, which runs from February 27 to March 5. According to Communications Officer of the Force, Diane Drayton a wide range of activities have been planned to enhance and strengthen relationships between the police and community. She said this year the celebration will recognise the youths within the community.

According to Chair of the Police Week event, Superintendent Alvin James, who is responsible for the Crime Unit of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force this will be an historic event. Giving more insight into the project, James said that the police will be recognizing the work of the young people within the community. He said that project dubbed the Model Student Award is designed to recognise students who despite the challenges, difficulties and opportunities to be led astray, they have done very well thus being a role model to their peers. “The teachers are making the selection as to who these model students are,” he said.

He said that the project’s execution is a collaborative effort by members of the Police Force and Delta Petroleum. He said the event involves the entire community as they seek to create a different image of the police. Further James admitted that the police is often times portrayed negatively resulting in strained relationships with some members of the public.

L-R;- Dianne Drayton, Superintendent Alwin James; Delta Petroleum's RGM – Bevis Sylvester & ROM Chaunci Cline

He however thanked Delta Petroleum for coming forward as a corporate company in providing needed financial support so as to make their initiatives successful. “Every time that we make a request to Delta Petroleum they are always willing in lending assistance as to ensure the success of our plans. We are determined to strengthen the relationship between us and the community, because it is with a better relationship that we can truly achieve success,” he said.

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force Superintendent pointed out that the event would be held during the week of activities noting that they would be visiting each school to help in executing the project. He noted that the event helps to demonstrate the true police/community relationship that exists here in Tortola. “We want the public to know that the police’s role is not just to lock up persons, but also to provide counseling, advice and to partake in social and other activities. Therefore, we seek to recognise those students, who can be termed as being model students to their peers. It is only when this is achieved that the trust and confidence within the police department is built by people in the community,” he said.

Regional General Manager (RGM) for Delta Petroleum Bevis Sylvester said he is very excited about the project, noting that while it is the inaugural staging of this model student awards he is confident that it will evolve into a successful event and eagerly looked forward to the activities. He anticipates a very good response declaring his passion and commitment to youth development and empowerment. “I want to commend the police and the teachers who are involve in this project and also to express congratulations, particularly to the students who would be recognised. They (students) have worked very hard to be recognised and I want them to know that it is the beginning and they should continue being a model student so others can emulate,” he said.

The RGM pointed out the importance in the community partnering with the police. “As a community we need to come together and support the police as they are our first and only line of defense. The public must recognise that by cooperating that it will aid in strengthening relationships. Once the public cooperate with the police it can and would strengthen our defense,” he declared.

James in thanking Delta declared that he would personally like to express his thanks and gratitude to Sylvester who he said continues to overwhelmingly and wholeheartedly ensure that youth oriented projects and programmes are supported and assisted. “Whatever and wherever he can help he ensures that it is given; and it is partners like Delta Petroleum through Bevis Sylvester that has helped in making initiatives like this successful so again I say thanks on behalf of the Police,” the Superintendent said.

Meanwhile, Regional Orgnisational Manager (ROM) for Delta Petroleum Chaunci Cline, said that her company has all intentions to continue giving back to the community projects. She pointed out that Delta will continue to support initiatives that strives restore hope and rebuild the community. And Police Week is a clear demonstration of the type of partnership that Delta Petroleum wants to partner with to make a difference.

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