Deighton Griffith Secondary Media Lock-out: Shocking Nomination Procedure – BLP’s Ch. Ch. West Central Nomination in shambles while united DEM’s strategise for next elections

Two events occurred in Barbados on Sunday, which have some related significance. One of the daily Dead Tree media reported how the ruling DLP gathered all members of all levels to hold a Retreat at Queen’s College in St James, perhaps to plan strategy for the up-coming General Election. It would not have escaped their notice how the BLP seems to portray an image as a “male chauvinist party.”

While the BLP made Wasps look polite, for once it was the DEM's who were busy as the proverbial Beehive - they requested all members of the Party to a special retreat to ensure all machinery for next Elections are in place. Ah, to have been a bee on the wall at Queen's College - how the DEM's must be cackling!

Then over at Deighton Griffith School, the BLP Christ Church West Central Branch was meeting to select a candidate. However, the outcome of the nomination process was barred from both this Web Magazine and the Nation Publishing (there was no CBC, Advocate, Barbados Today nor VOB, perhaps if they learned of the development they may not have bothered to show up) – there was a claim that notices were sent to media houses, the Nation photographer was openly disgusted and expressed a desire to return to Agrofest while I spoke to Owen Arthur’s Personal Assistant, Ms Pat Parris.

I wanted to know what happened to my business card I left with her at the West Wing of Parliament when Arthur Holder and Liz Thompson were replaced? She claims it was misplaced and so I handed her another in the presence of Fmr. Sen. and ex-Consul General to Canada, Glyne Murray.

We were told that Media would be allowed from after 6:00 pm only – thing is, I wasn’t really surprised especially since the persons now ruling the BLP are the very ones who ousted Mia Mottley as Leader of the Opposition on October 18th 2011.

That nomination came a month after the St John By-election where many who understand local politics, all conclude that the female vote seems to have sent a strong signal to the BLP that they are totally fed-up and disapprove of how Mia Mottley was treated.

{FILE IMAGE} Deighton Griffith Secondary under more Diplomatic Terms, but then Guests were present right? How often do Candidacy Nomination processes become Closed Door procedures at the last minute? Why wasn't prior Notice given in the Dead Tree media mentions of the event? Wouldn't that prevent any further alienation of the BLP with itself and the Press who it needs as an ally now to show it's healing?

Despite being from the Christ Church East constituency, Mrs. Margo Durant-Callender was easily brushed aside then by Attorney-at-law Wilfred Abrahams, who eventually became the candidate for Christ Church East. Some may therefore find it rather surprising that having been badly beaten in Christ Church East, where she lives and would have had a lot of time to prepare – she could now win the Christ Church West Central nomination, against Joseph “Joe” Edghill (a household word) and a man who represented that constituency on two previous occasions.

It would also be interesting to know how many delegates were eligible to vote at the BLP’s Annual Conference held in November last year, especially given reports that the cut off time for potential candidates to join people into the party – before nomination day, is said to be six weeks.

This means that it is unlikely that between November 2010 and January 2011, the voting strength of the Christ Church West Central Branch, should have increased by much. I was told that 495 persons were eligible to vote at this nomination, but many BLP supporters felt there were not that many present for such a vote to be cast – granted they nor I took any official count. As Mia Mottley did in the race for Chairman of the BLP last November, Joseph Edghill also withdrew from the nomination process. Why?

Since 18th October 2011 when Mia Mottley was replaced as Leader of the Opposition, the BLP was being referred to as “a male chauvinist party.” It also appears from what we could hear outside that Joe Edghill arrived without a seconder for his Nomination – one dissatisfied stalwart hinted that that’s a strong hint of legal advice may be sought for the proper timeframe to campaign for the candidacy of a given riding.

But, that women would hereafter win all the remaining BLP nominations would not be surprising either, as it would merely refresh the memories of the Barbados electorate (especially women) the apparently effortless ease at which “the Gang of 5” (Toppin arrived as I was leaving Dighton Griffith) now ruling the BLP, who also savagely removed Mia Mottley as Leader of the Opposition on 18th October 2011 and remain determined to implement their agenda, supposedly hell-bent on removing all obstacles by whatever methods are deemed expedient.

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