Barbados Government Minister indicates Sexual Harassment Laws are under review – while Public Discussion delivers frank debate on Homosexual Lifestyles

BTW; Bajan Reporter spoke to Dr Jerry Emtage when the Conference concluded as to if Dr Emtage is still practising or if he’s in Limbo since and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital were disagreeing over his Terms of Employment Conditions there, he says the matter is before the courts now so he cannot say anything more than he’s back at work…

Meanwhile – Labour Minister Esther Byer Suckoo pledges the ruling DLP won’t allow Sexual Harassment laws to gather dust as obtained in the previous Owen Arthur regime, she made this comment while giving a pre-gratitude vote before the Vote of Thanks at the public discussion where gynaecological service CariGES hosted a Panel Discussion on aspects of how “Mars & Venus In Harmony” at the Grand Salle not so long ago…

Dr Byer-Suckoo is seated in the foreground towards the left side of the aisle

Dr Suckoo made it very clear any misconceptions about what is or is not Sexual Harassment could have been cleared up over a decade ago {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

The Cabinet Minister sees the need for a series of Town Hall meetings to fine-tune the legislation of Sexual Harassment, the draft she has is so obsolete it only looks at Men harassing Women and not allowing for other permutations!

The Discussion under Dr Suckoo’s patronage was very lively and extremely well-attended, considering no mainstream advertising was used, only Social media services, one oif the hot topics was the intimacies of a Gay or Lesbian relationship.

Segment of the packed area at the Grand Salle that night, all done without benefit of placing Ads in the Newspaper

Nalita Gajadhar, in her social worker aspect expressed a view that homosexual couples while open to domestic abuse as any heterosexual relationship, nevertheless she does not see a case where one partner can be seen as for instance – “BUTCH” – while the other is a “FEMME FATALE” regardless of gender {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Mrs Gajadhar explained from what she has read, there are no MALE or FEMALE dynamics in homosexual Unions, and that any abuse which occurs has similar causes as in a heterosexual couple.

This contention met with unbridled scorn from the audience and the rest of the panel, and Mrs Gajadhar took an enormous verbal pummelling, including the Moderator Tony Marshall who says in his observation of homosexuals who engage in an open relationship that one clearly is in charge while the other is submissive.

Kathie Daniel of Southpaw Grafixx as a supporter of CariGES delivered the Intro's on the Panel members that night

This met with thunderous applause, and Sade Leon-Folkes, well-known calypso aficionado apart from Anti-AIDS Activist also contributed {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Sade says in her capacity as a daily counsellor to UGLAAB (United Gays & Lesbians Against AIDS in Barbados), she regularly encounters relations where there is a defined Masculine and Feminine role in the pair who may approach her for advice.

Glance at the Head Table where the entire contingent are ready for the evening's activity to unfold

Even the Reverend Dr Marcus Lashley disclosed how Queer and Lesbian couples have sought his advice and he did not reveal their individual plights, but he did look at the intensity of violence when such a relationship breaks down and in comparison with a heterosexual union {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

According to the Reverend, whether you see it as Male or Female, there is definitely a Dominant & Submissive partners and the anger when a relationship deteriorates stems from being a close-knit community and is more than likely from Jealousy.

While I can understand how most Bajans would see this as “correct“, I do believe that many Bajans are unaware that moreso among younger Homosexuals in Canada, England & UK are more of the Neutral capacity which Nalita Gajadhar referred to… In Barbados, there’s more likelihood that you will encounter very well-defined “Roosters” and “Hens” or “Goats” and “Sheep” wherever applicable! However, in the places I mentioned before if there are gay couples from within the last decade or so, you may be surprised to learn they are Gay and this because women do not necessarily behave “macho” nor males adopt “mincing” attitudes…

This was more of a scenario in previous eras of homosexuality overseas, whereas Barbados is yet to catch up – since I am not a qualified anthropologist (nor a lesbian nor gay despite what many idiots will falsely portray for various reasons) then I cannot truly say, and therefore leave it to the experts to get to the bottom of it all.

Indeed, where I have a concern is the advice Corey Worrell delivered, since his main background emanates from numbers as in Mathematics, I tried to fathom how he can speak on love other than his married relationship? It is his first, and based on how he spoke, and only Marriage – and considering he was a Virgin when he got hitched (his admission) he has not made too many skirmishes to advise on how best to negotiate the intricate paths on the Battlefield of Love, IMHO!

A younger member of the audience who listed some concerns with both Gender Relations and aspects of Endometriosis which she was unsure of...

He says women want financial security – are they Gold Diggers? Do we cue in Jamie Foxx & Kanye West? Admittedly, there were women who never even got so far as a first dance or first drink with me simply because I had no car, nor was I buying Vodka as opposed to Rum during my 20’s, but as I got older and if a women appreciated me for myself then I knew I was getting somewhere…

I am better off now fiscally than when I first got married, if anything Vanity encouraged me to grow not just sexually but in mental capacity – yet she had no problem in the first 5 years of Marriage being the richer of both of us, in fact, I always say if she becomes the first Black Manager of Hilton Barbados then I have no problem being a Kept Man! She says however, do not think of retiring just yet – that’s the Disney version of what she says!

He also claims when he urges his wife to “prayer” (he meantPRAY‘) how she coos she just loves him more, first off – that’s what he says, we’re not there to prove or disprove that! Next? If I went to my wife and asked for us to pray, she would wanna know who did I give a Bad Review and are they now threatening me, or what have I gone and done in the house – did I break something and didn’t want to confess?

Extreme Right - QEH Urologist Dr Jerry Emtage and 2nd from right, Nalita Gajadhar at the Head Table

I am not atheist and I am of a spiritual nature, I do not think the Universe created itself just so however – perhaps Adam and Eve were Australeopithecus or something… But the same way I do not wave my privates out and about in public nor do I expect someone to do that with their Beliefs, keep it zipped and you go your way and I go mine, if I am curious I’ll ask – not to see your Privates, but how do you see God?

Mr Worrell’s contribution to the panel left me a bit cold and was the only downer – that’s why I give the event a Nine and not Ten, I look forward to any new Discussions or lectures they may have as you never know what to expect! {PLEASE FEEL FREE TO BROWSE THE ENCAPSULATED VISUAL EDITION OF THE TALK here}

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