American critic reviews St Lucian Claudia Edwards’ song “I Wish”

Lucian chanteuse Claudia Edward sent me an e-mail…

What’s cooking? Wishing for a warm St. Lucia right now.

Check this out from a US music webpage on the song “I wish” :

This is a very simple song. Yet, there’s something very honest and soulful about it. The production could use help and taken to a more professional level. I really like the sweet lead guitar melodies and reinforcements.

St Lucian Musical sensation, Claudia Edward

I believe the true moments are in the vocal delivery by Claudia. Is this a vocalist on a level of Christina Aguilera or Whitney Houston? No. Is there some kind of indeterminable sultry magic of soul going on t I can’t quite put my finger on?…Yes, absolutely. The pop/rock sound with a band to what could be an R&B tune brings a more passionate approach while maintaining the poignant sense of yearning. It gives the song edge and props Claudia up to come across as a Tina Turner rocker with a sort of Gladys Knight soul. I look forward to hearing more songs like this from this artist.

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