X-Factor’s Bad Boy Simon Cowell sneaking off to Barbados with Old Flame: Raises Ten$ of Thousand$ USD’s for Animal Shelter

Simon “X-Factor” Cowell has had a bit of Topsy Turvy 2010 – his Four Seasons villa he paid a deposit for ages ago is only now being completed here in Barbados, he’s leaving American Idol with mixed feelings, his protege Piers Morgan is leaving the US version of X-Factor to replace CNN’s Larry King, Cowell while engaged for marriage yet seen in Barbados with an old flame yet again?

Cornelia Coulthurst - Founder of the Hope Sanctuary, expressing her gratitude to the audience while Simon and Sinitta lean towards each other to confer on something? A night at Lexy's?

American Idol’s” bad boy was on his annual visit to the Caribbean Island, one of his favourite activities here apart from jet-skiing is looking to assist in raising funds to help the Hope Sanctuary (the Barbadian animal shelter which rescues abused cats and dogs) after Hurricane Tomas wrecked the previous homes for the abandoned pets.

It seems benefactor Tony Martin is no longer involved with the administration of the shelter, the auction items were not as sexy as previous years and no Roger Chubb from Lancaster Great House to act as Auctioneer, but Simon’s help was the hit of the evening!

Simon was almost literally swamped by fans as Hope founder Cornelia doubles as shutterbug for the merry mob!

Ensconced in the island’s luxurious West Coast – Simon was seen cuddling close to former teen heartthrob and ex-partner Sinitta while bids were made on a week for two at a St Lucian spa resort (Boy – did Sinitta drool on this item, she even dropped in a couple of bids to try and snap it up) and a special trip including airfare from UK to Guernsey for a top resort in the Jersey Isles and an original oil on canvas by Caribbean artist Catherine Forter Chee-A-Tow.

Then Simon tore himself away from Sinitta long enough to open bids and turn Auctioneer for a trip for three to the Season Finale of “America’s Got Talent” (Which is the US edition of SyCo Productions’X-Factor”) which included not only tickets for the episode but Business-Class flights and accommodations. In order to pump the bids, Simon said he’d add ten thousand US if the fee went past 20-thousand USD…

The final sale reached $26-thousand USD and the Hope Sanctuary was guaranteed at least $36-thousand USD that night to help with feeding and vet expenses for the poor moggies and mutts!

Alison Hinds was totally enchanted that living proof all ages and all folk appreciate her music, as shown by this Brit toddler trying to shake her leg to some Bajan calypso music!

After the auction, Mr X-Factor spent time with fans signing autographs and doing photos, he was asked by the Bajan Reporter who will replace Piers Morgan now he’s joining CNN, and Simon says he’s thinking of bringing back David Hasselhoff? Will this lead to an ego-clash between the Hoff and Howie Deal Or No Deal” Mandel??

Simon had fun being the Auctioneer for the tickets for the AGT finale, so he added a bonus for the Hope Sanctuary of $10-thousand USD's!

The Fund Raising night was wrapped up with Calypsonian Alison Hinds who clearly enjoyed entertaining the mostly British guests and just as quick, Simon and his sizable retinue went on the lawn for a couple of cigarettes and then the group of 13 to 15 were off to other digs, perhaps Michael Winner?

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  1. Oh, my! There are so many errors in this article, I hardly know where to begin. First of all, Mish, Simon’s fiance IS in Barbados and has been since before Xmas. She was the lovely young lady seated on the other side of Simon from Sinitta. Sorry you didn’t get a photo of more than her legs.

    Simon ALWAYS supports Hope Sanctuary – every year. I’m sure he left them a generous check again this year, in addition to his auctioneering, etc. He always does.

    America’s Got Talented is the U.S. Version of Britain’s Got Talent, not X Factor. Piers Morgan was a judge on both AGT and BGT prior to accepting his new position replacing Larry King on CNN.

    David Hasselhoff was let go from America’s Got Talented over Simon’s protests by Fox Network producers due to his alcohol problems and it is highly doubtful they will allow him back after having fired him. Hasselhoff is, however, guest hosting on the new season of Britain’s Got Talent for the auditions phase while Simon is on holiday. Simon will return to BGT for the live shows. Rumor is the guest slot is a try-out to see how Hasselhoff is received by the British public and ITV management.

    Simon will premier his newest show, X Factor America, in the Fall of this year. It will be the U.S. version of his highly popular X Factor U.K., not one of the Got Talent franchises.

  2. Do you read? 😛 I said Simon is here on his annual trip to Barbados, further, if you open the links on phrases in my item you would see I covered a previous auction – perhaps if I printed in Cyrillic? Is there that much difference between AGT, BGT or X-Factor, maybe if you follow all three and if you do, how much of a life you got? Finally and more importantly assuming someone wanted to marry you – how would THEY feel if you kept walking around (in your presence or not) with an old Flame? Be it me or my wife, neither of us would dig the idea, so please… Do us all a favour? Next time you look to jump on your high horse? Make sure you haven’t shoved your head up its… 😉


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