BREAKING NEWS {UPDATED}: US Navy dismisses Enterprise Captain – for Training Videos no worse than many US after-hours Comedy shows

CNN just indicated the Navy captain who produced profanity- and slur-laden videos while second in charge of the USS Enterprise will be permanently relieved of his command of the ship, a top Navy commander said tonite.

The Navy will also investigate the role other senior officers played in the video scandal, Adm. John Harvey, commander of the U.S. Fleet Forces Command, said.

Many Americans remain sharply divided over the matter, some Navy disgusted by the videos while members of the gay community think Federal Government is giving a knee-jerk reaction to DADT legislation and wishing not to offend homosexuals – yet there are some Lesbians & Gays who found the videos hilarious as well…

Those who feel the Government panicked tended to respond this way;- “If they’re going to relieve him of command for filming and airing this video several years after the fact then they should relieve everyone above him who didn’t bother to find out about it before he moved from XO to captain of the Enterprise. One mistake and you’re out? Even a batter gets three strikes before he’s out.”

While many Navy folk who felt betrayed has this sort of reaction;- “You want a friend? Go to Facebook. You want a LEADER, join the US NAVY. I am sure as hell not going to watch this juvenile tool represent the 250? year tradition of the US Navy.”

US Navy Captain Owen Honors - COURTESY: Reuters

The original videos were an attempt by Honors at getting the crews attention as it instructed them on ship board safety and rules, which that it did. The Navy does not like its depictions of what is thought to be humorous by the officer who made the video. Navy Commander Chris Sims gave a statement to the media saying “this was not acceptable then (when the videos were made) and it is not acceptable in today’s Navy.”

These videos are not even current, they were around for a while and not meant for Public consumption, did someone in the Navy have a grudge against Capt Owen Honors? One can even try to compare WikiLeaks with this tragedy but is this the same level? Will anyone suffer job losses in the Diplomatic Cables? Capt Honors may not only get fired but Dishonorably discharged which is a serious matter in the American Military

Anyone ever heard the language used in the Navy, Army or Marines? It would make Rabelais wish to go into Witness Protection. Has no one seen enough Hollywood to be aware most military flicks are based on reality – Heartbreak Ridge, A Few Good Men, Annapolis, GI Jane & the casebook Officer And a Gentleman which earned Lou Gossit Jr an Oscar as the Drill Sergeant who made Lucifer crap his pants. So why is the language in such a milieu considered shocking?

What Bajan Reporter cannot understand is the fact many Navy and other military will watch Saturday Night Live/SNL, Madd TV or In Living Color and laugh their fool heads off… What is different here? He took otherwise boring instructional videos and made them stay in his crew’s heads via Comedy! It is said Capt Honors was able to engage his crew in any task appointed and they attempted such willingly, WHY? He used Humor as a bond!

The Navy is as stuck up as CBC where I was an Anchor for 7 years, any final story I had as a “kicker” was a problem especially if raunchy – the raunchier the deeper the frown at CBC, for the public they loved the clever way raunchiness was kept tasteful without getting vulgar. Nowadays, all radio stations in Barbados have a Weird News segment as a result of my initiating a li’l joke at the end of a Bulletin! We can only hope USA will have similar respect for Capt Honors whether or not he remains in the Navy, maybe he should take over SNL and revive its sagging ratings?

The Virginian-Pilot newspaper reported on the videos in its Saturday editions and posted an edited version of one video on its website. We carry a High Definition version from YouTube for you to judge for yourself…

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