St Vincent Vs. St Lucia over St John = Barbados Loses: BLP’s full page Ad turns around and bites the Opposition

Why is the BLP harping on where navel strings are tucked away? I asked polite questions and got good answers from both sides – we are fulfilling a mandate related to Caricom and also Barbados’ own Constitution allows for it! But still the BLP smears egg deeper on their face in more ways than one…


You see the above Screen-Shot? Does it not clearly state that Hudson Griffith is from St Vincent? So if Mara has roots in Castries, which is the pot and which is the kettle? Worse yet – the Bees decide on last Sunday to cast an Ad with a Grumpy Mara with a drawn-in child’s version of a crown… Implying dynasty versus democracy, but since Mara is dealing with issues alone and not Mud slinging, then this makes the Bees look more like Wasps!

Is this an ocean of faces like what Mara's launch was?

This strategy or lack thereof is hurting the Bees, the people attending are more BLP from other Parishes rather than St Johnians being convinced to switch from DEM to vote for Bee! For once the Nation had it right, there were 700 people that night at Sergeant Street if so much and about half were Out of Towners, it was more like preaching to the Choir than converting any recalcitrants!

What is more correct – is for a comparison between David Thompson, Mara and their children with Errol Barrow, Carolyn and theirs! David dies in Office – it’s alleged David asks Mara Thompson to continue his work in St John, no witnesses; Errol dies in office – Meanwhile Carolyn continues to review books for Cloister on VOB (Granted EWB and Carolyn were divorced by this time); Mara’s children are roped into the Political Tug’O’War by getting implicated as continuing the Legacy of holding this seat for Dems… Whereas David Barrow is CEO at Grantley Adams International Airport and the late Lesley Barrow, his sister, was Curator at the Barbados Museum and also Corporate Secretary at CBC in the Pine – the children of the Father of Independence allowed to select their own destiny INDEPENDENTLY! Which Leader was truly Democratic about the fate of their country?

Lynette was hollering so hard and crass, eventually I thought she'd ask the few hundreds of people there if they wanted five fish for a dollar?

No one can object to such a strategy – you are comparing DEM for DEM and the subsequent display of History! But it gets even uglier in so many ways, why does Lynette Eastmond feel the need to squeal like she’s about to meet her fate at the Abattoir? Why is she trying so hard to speak like she was born in the Fish Market? Lynette’s tone is usually very well modulated and in fact it was during her time at the podium where I got the idea of comparing Barrow to Thompson and not looking at royalty versus democracy or which nationality was who? Was bringing up the topic of race in Lynette Eastmond’s rhetoric at Sergeant Street so apt? Don’t believe me? Here is her comment in all of its full glory {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Lynette Eastmond usually speaks in dulcet tones, here she is almost screaming and adds further insult by bringing in race and complexion

But do you realise both DEM’s and Bees had PLENTY time on either side to do significant work with St John and BOTH ignored it? Barrow had the East Coast parish from 1961 to 1987, Sandiford had seven years thereafter to make a difference and assist then young St David, while Owen had 14 years while even the late St David had 2 as PM if you leave out 2010 and the ensuing tragedy – but NONE of them chose to be pro-active!!

St John has every right to be as developed as the parish of St Peter became from 1994 on… Even Sir RichardJohnnyCheltenham argued with Arthur for acquiring infrastructure for St Joseph, far more than what his successor did – even if he did soon step down from the Tourism portfolio as Minister…

Can you see the resemblance? All Noel needs is Stiletto, the loyal crow assistant or in this case - Yardfowl?

Indar Weir’s contribution saw him feeling that aborting the Flyovers was a goof as it took Jobs away from Bajans and if anything getting Four Seasons underway should have been the DEM’s major Priority on assuming Office in 2008. Noel Lynch, one of Hudson Griffith’s teachers at Lodge apparently, for some strange reason decided to remove his scalp and mini-beard… He now bears a striking resemblance to Silas Greenback the arch-enemy of Danger Mouse! His contribution was rather villainous as he castigated St David and implied he was alcoholic, of course St David has no benefit to reply {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Barney’s” contribution was how he claimed to find a bottle of vodka by Thompson’s grave last year and that St David would have Lunch with you & then tell lies in Parliament, don’t most politicians of either side do the same?

Anthony Wood‘s contribution was far more honourable and very intriguing to see if either DEM or Bee would be brave enough to institute, the former Agriculture Minister suggested there be legislation similar to what allowed Arnold Schwarzenegger to become Governor of California – the ability to Recall false Legislators {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Wood wants a method of legislation to recall MP’s if they lie, but would it be enforced? Such a law would have to effect BOTH sides!

The only speaker of the correct height for the podium which was difficult to get photos of the guest lecturers.

Clyde Mascoll‘s contention is that Barbados and the Recession it is now embroiled within is not due to Global factors but in actuality the crisis is Home-Grown. Kerrie Symmonds was another vilifier of St David – yet he had a pertinent question of why is it taking so long for a Chief Justice to be appointed?

The whole family arrived on stage with Griffith, but he spoiled it with crap about Cow Heel Soup and Roasting Breadfruits, who cares? You fixing my parish, bub?

Hudson Griffith came forth about ten that evening with his full family a la Mara’s launch in Gall Hill, his strange accent outlined some good ideas once you got beyond him telling you what he eats and his mud-slinging at Michael Lashley {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Griffith wants an Old People’s Home for St John and a playing field near Sherbourne in that Eastern parish.

Owen Arthur? Any attempt by me to emphasise the gaffes he has committed this campaign is like trying to take a turd and pelt it on the BP oil spill – he has had so many lashes on Barbados Free Press, Facebook and Youtube that if I added it would be really unfair – so I point to a valuable observation he made in reference to Chris Sinckler’s Budget {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Owen says Sinckler wants to do plenty – Plans for major Capital Works in St Philip, St Michael, for the SSA’s Mangrove landfill to get a new cell and expanding the School Meals’ Programme, but nothing for St John!

What I will say is the DEM’s are competing a By-Election but the BLP is still trying to treat this like a General Election, and I am tired of Arthur begging for another chance to run the country!

Peter Wickham's CADRES surveys are now more popular than Basil Springer's System's polls - yet Owen did not and does not want to accept the advice, if certain wags' allegations are indeed true...

The truth is, if loose lips are to be trusted, Owen should have listened to Peter Wickham’s CADRES – the poll which Arthur supposedly called for indicated the BLP could indeed win a fourth term in 2008… IF Owen gave up Power and let Mia take over with fresh Candidates, but he apparently was vex and ignored the advice at his eventual peril and it seems he still cannot face reality! (I heard this allegation the other night while hanging with buddies at a popular south coast sports bar)

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