Prime Minister Freundel and the Art of Anti-Climax: When St John learned Brevity is the soul of Wit


Peter Morgan and Aaron Truss were two Bajan Cabinet Ministers who were not Barbadian as far as I am aware, I may write under correction – I also learned Thursday night that both David Thompson and Michael Lashley were born in England, but as far as I know their parents are Bajan.

Three Generations and three nationalities? Grandmum from St Lucia, Mara and David's three legacies all under one roof that night?

How is it anyone has not sought out the situation of Mara Thompson’s nationality (Her St Lucian accent was still very present when she addressed thousands ofSt Johnians‘)? What does the constitution of Barbados say with regards to family of extraneous nationality holding significant positions in this country? In the USA, they are very clear – a citizen running for office should at least be born in the USA – look at how in America there is still controversy surrounding the Birth Certificate of Barack Obama, since his Kenyan father held a UK citizenry, and if that affects Obama’s nationality?

It is rather ironic when one recalls the late David Thompson’s vigorous and assiduous desire to remove all illegal Guyanese and keep Barbados for Bajans, huh?

There is a claim once a flea is a DEM then if it competes in St John it will automatically win, they even say this is why Owen did not try to get stronger candidates to compete in St John - then one has to ask why campaign? Just accept Bees for St Thomas and DEM's in St John and let real voting happen in the other 28 constituencies?

What does Barbados now have in common with the Phillipines? Widows who continue their late spouse’s causes some for good like Corazon Aquino and some for personal aggrandisement like Imelda Marcos, now Barbados may create a third such phenomenon where the wife follows her hubby’s political ambitions to fulfil his final wishes. The opening night for Mara Thompson (Check Video Gallery for her speech as raw footage) as the Democratic Labour Party candidate for St John was reminiscent of the aphorism from Charles Dickens – simultaneously one experienced the best and worst – in this case, the slings and arrows of Political Drama.


Senator Jepter Ince needs voice lessons, really, his screeching made me think of Mickey Mouse caught in a trap and begging for his life… The microphone is already boosting your voice, so why yell, to prove how sycophantic you can be? This was sad as he brought up good points – how can Owen Arthur be busy with the By-Election if he’s trying to find files he’s not sure were stolen?

No expense was spared - Large screen monitors and streaming for overseas Bajans - why not advertise same in the Ads in papers so any Handicapped can watch from home?


Denis Kellman, the new Environment Minister made an odd comment… As you know, there are some Bajans who are yet to receive either 2009 or 2010 Tax Rebates and one of the rumours was there’s no fundage in the Treasury… So when Kellman exhorted the myriad ‘St Johnians‘  present that night to make sure all 8,000 votes went to Mara this was his reasoning behind it {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Kellman repeated more than once the very specific phrase of how ‘the Treasury needs the money‘ – was this in reference to how certain Tax Rebates are still outstanding?

The next time I see Kellman on Facebook, usually when he's touting Moontown, I will be sure to ask why he said the Treasury needs the money like he said Thursday evening 6th January

Why does the Treasury need money? To finally pay of all overdue Income Tax Refunds? Kellman’s reasoning behind why a BLP survey claims St John is poor because they never begged Owen Arthur or Tom Adams for anything, by maintaining their Independence they were made to appear as ‘poor‘ to the rest of the Island.


Esther Byer-Suckoo‘s contribution was to dispel any ideas there were plans by the ruling DLP to have a ‘Snap Poll‘ {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Dr Suckoo kept referring to a plan of recovery for Bajans out of this current Recession and she never gave one detail of what the plain entails; the Cabinet Minister also saw the ugly incident with Mia as Owen’s greed thinking a quick vote was around the corner…

Still more supporters thronging the Gall Hill Pavilion

She was also amazed at how the BLP called for a footpath in Bath when the Dem’s just made a Highway alongside the same are, she also cited the Gall Hill pavilion as another David Thompson accomplishment. The DEMS that night kept referring to two themes – one was how Owen did Mia wrong and the BLP is in disarray and at the same time they were flourishing the spectre of St David every chance they got, even some diehard Dems were heard saying that such morbidity needs to be stopped as they are here for Mara the next generation and not to mourn David all over again.


Michael Lashley made a number of harsh and unsubstantiated claims which had the crowd rocking that night, he says a key BLP member seems to have a skeleton in their closet from 2007. Lashley also insinuated a previous BLP candidate cut a deal for Bath beachfront property at 99 years with what he implied was “peppercorn rent” – he was obviously hinting at the period in August to September last year when he was at the centre of hotbed over where contracts were awarded for housing.

Dr Suckoo was quite vehement that the Dems have a plan for Economic recovery, but she was not as clear in outlining what form this recovery would ensue - very unlike the long and detailed plan Mia mottley gave to the Chamber of Commerce at the Hilton in September last year.

Jumping ahead a bit, at the end of the evening – current PM Freundel Stuart defended Lashley saying that all DEM Housing Ministers have come under attack from the Bees for doing their job; it’s not that Lashley wasn’t giving houses to Bajans but how were the contracts awarded and what terms they were built under?


On the Campaign Trail, the bid for "Pit Bull" is a neck & neck tug'o'war between Sinckler and Dr Estwick - here Chris is making sure the audience is captivated with his vernacular excesses.

When Chris Sinckler made his contribution, he was quick to point out how Dale Marshall in St Joseph had an opportunity to build a Polyclinic in his own constituency and ignored it {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Dale Marshall built a special centre in honour of US Attorney General Eric Holder yet the facility had no provision for a Polyclinic, so how can Marshall complain about any similar lack elsewhere?


Some of the thousands who came to Gall Hill, not all of the audience was from St John

Sinckler also pledged that UWI’s funding remains as is and he was misquoted by Media. Then Hartley Henry, a failed candidate for St George but eventually personal consultant to St David at thousands of dollars from Barbados’ tax coffers, made intriguing assertions about St Thomas which George Payne and Dale Marshall need to pay strict heed {CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK FOR FULL AUDIO};-

Hartley Henry, now probably not welcome in either Bermuda nor Antigua, made a claim to ‘St Johnians‘ that plans are in train to replace Cynthis Forde as MP for St Thomas, how difficult is that if Cynthia is already considering this turn as MP as her final?

Henry has a flair for the dramatic - since the Kingmaker dies with the King, is he now a Queenmaker?

If, as Henry says, that Mascoll is gaining the other ‘safe seat‘ of St Thomas (In Barbados political myths, St John is perpetually for Dems no matter what; whereas St Thomas is viewed to be perpetually Barbados Labour Party) and he was once considered by Owen Arthur as “Co-Leader” of the BLP, then where does this leave the engineers of the Gang Of Five?

It is said there is no love lost between Freundel & St David and their disagreements were legendary, so witnessing this public alliance, if suggestions are true, made one wonder what really gives?


Mara finally spoke about ten or 10:30-ish and she was intro’d by Hartley Henry and welcomed by Freundel Stuart, he mother and her daughters also came out and everyone was bouncing to the strains of Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family“, her speech was about 24 minutes all told and very succinct…

The huge canvasses emphasise St David's legacy of "Families First" and also tugging at any heartstrings in St John who may be hovering on the betwixt line

Unlike Prime Minister Stuart.

If filibustering ever came to Barbados, then Freundel Stuart would be a Heavyweight in this category of Political brawling - he can drawl for hours on topics only of significance to lexicographers and medieval historians...

He talked and he talked – also dismissing any “Snap Poll” charges and implying that that is a Bee tactic.

The looks on Mara and Sinckler's faces say it all "How much longer is he gonna keep talking?"

When you thought he was done, he talked even more?

Irene looks like she wondering if she can make it back home in time to catch "True Blood" while Steve is like "Why am I here? I could be grooving at "Shades of Black" and Donville looks like he's wondering who to BBM while Freundel keeps droning

He seems fond of Classical literature, one would think he’d browse Shakespeare’s Hamlet once in a while and come across Polonius’ dry yet succinct admonition? “BREVITY IS THE SOUL OF WIT.” I heard he collapsed after the campaign and I am sorry to hear that, perhaps if he kept his soliloquy shorter he could have attended his own needs even better?

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