Nelson Arms now place for Adult Comedy on Barbadian South Coast: “Gathering – Theatre Experiment” has packed debut at Worthing Night-Club

Bajans have very limited nocturnal activity, it’s either a Political Meeting which are not very regular, Karaoke which is a dime a dozen, or Theatre which is also spotty for appearances. Comedy used to be Skitsomania under the insane Brian Smith and now just a pleasant memory (see below).

What if Skitsomania’s outside child grew up and did Comedy too but more like Humour On Steroids or Trapeze artists without Nets? This gives you an idea what Ad Lib is doing, Dy Browne & Nala both known as either “Ad Lib” or “The Gathering – Theatre Experiment” have a loyal following but Braddie’s Bar is now closed, so once they revived the show they used social media to carry forward the renewed existence of the show!

Levi King was the 'volunteer' for the Mother Sally as Vampire scene for Ad Lib

With a Limited budget, free options like Youtube, Twitter & Facebook play a major part in hyping the show’s existence and on the last Wednesday of 2010 it really worked! Nelson’s Arms had more patrons than usual for a slow Wednesday and everyone had a ball!

The only trouble was the lighting was a bit dim and not very good for amateur videos…  “Ad Lib/Gathering” encourage their audience to use their Blackberries or iPhones and video the show and upload to Blip TV or Youtube for as many folk to get aware there is Bajan comedy out there (Next video is when they used to be at Braddie’s Bar but now Nelson Arms, still on South Coast).

The audience have two ways of taking part, they can help create a scene or actually be a part of scene. There was a request for Bajan Horror and so Crop Over’s Mother Sally became a Vampire and this led to one person jumping on stage with a coat as a cape and eventually trying to devour Nala (“Open ya R***hole neck!” – NB; Language & Situations are NC-17 very Adult) to the hysterical cackling of the crowd.

The packed audience was not only laughing but buying drinks, much to the glee of the owner of Nelson Arms

Another scene which had everyone hold their breath was “The Jesus Interview,” where the dreadlocked Nala puts on a long white Dashiki and applies for a job at Telemarketing company. His supernatural skills are not enough to qualify him for the post and in the end when he tries to explain his name it is reminiscent of the classic baseball scene from Abbott & Costello! This skit was clean but scandalous if only in philosophical repercussions, by the end of the joke – not an eye was dry, all filled with tears of laughter!

"What else can you do?" "I took some barley loaves and a few fishes and fed 5,000?" "That's CATERING, man - this is Tele-Marketing!"

The $2 Philosopher gave his caustic take on New Year’s and Christmas and everyone was actually sorry when the show came to an end after 90 minutes of fun, but just a stone’s throw from A&R Tempro in Worthing is The Nelson Arms which once again has “Ad Lib” for Wednesday evening from 9:00 pm!

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