Mia Mottley Sets New High Standards & Pushes St John Campaign Into Overdrive

The Barbados Labour Party platform went into overdrive last night when for the first time in this St. John By-election campaign, St. Michael North East M.P., Mia Mottley mounted the platform at College Savannah, to the loud boisterous cheers and hand-clapping of the huge crowd, which had come to see and hear her.

It was around 9:00 p.m., when Dalton Tyrone Lovell (who was chairing the meeting) gave a most dynamic and energetic introduction and invited Miss Mottley to speak. And then - as if on cue - the skies opened!

It was when she made her way through the thick crowd that all hell broke loose and immediately – everyone closed in on the stage in anticipation of her speech. There were not disappointed!

Earlier in the evening, Indar Weir, the BLP’s candidate for St. Philip North and Kerrie Symmonds – Owen Arthur’s choice for St. James Central – each made a measured and clearly thought out speeches.

Hudson Griffith already outlined some aspects of his vision, which includes the constriction of a senior citizens village. Should that facility in-cooperate non-Barbadians, this could also hold potential for foreign exchange earning but definitely employment generation for the people of St. John.

But it gets better! With the selection of Hudson E Griffith as the candidate for St. John, one can safely conclude that without fanfare, the BLP has indeed been making some excellent discoveries and has been carefully putting together a “Team” of energetic, bright, innovative and inspiring persons – all brimming with innovative ideas and having the capacity and energy to rescue Barbados and put it back on track.

Indar Weir made a number of excellent points but the one which really captured the imagination was his suggestion, as regards, health and wellness tourism.

The St Philip hopeful asked why after 52 years of representation and given the quiet and picturesque nature of St. John – no one sought to implement a facility in that parish, where persons who had an operations overseas could have come to Barbados and to a purpose built a facility St. John, to recuperate. According to Mr. Weir, such a facility would not only earn foreign exchange but could provide employment for the residents of St. John. I think this suggestion is so brilliant that Indar should develop it more to also include – healthy active and productive ageing.

Consistent with the promotion of good health and wellness, healthy active and productive ageing, Mr. Symmonds made reference to the fact that at a number of plantations in St. John – persons are either working one, two or three days per week.

Symmonds makes sense that since St. John is consists of the best agricultural land in Barbados and could therefore be considered this country’s food basket – how then could anyone not be concerned that a number of plantations in that parish are not growing food but are in bush?

Mr. Symmonds’ concern as regards workers on some plantations in St. John, getting either one, two or tree day per week, is justified since it has serious negative implications for good health and wellness promotion.

It was not long ago when the DLP purported to have been concerned about Barbados’ high food import bill and also purported to have had a lot to say about food security. But as you know – commodity prices on the world market fell since and the concern quickly vanished. In any event, the DLP is more concerned with arranging fetes, talking, promising, touring and taking numerous overseas trips at taxpayers expense.

The crowd went wild when Hudson Griffith, the Barbados Labour Party’s candidate for St. John, pause during his presentation to acknowledge Mia’s vehicle drive by in search of a park. Why not! After the people’s clamour - Mia, who is tuned into their frequency, had answered the call.

Since 2008, midnight has become a feared time in Barbados, because as we sleep, the DLP increases petroleum prices. The increased rate for VAT and water, compounded by the high cost of living, is no doubt creating nightmares and stress for workers in St. John. Stress can lead to anxiety and mental illness. And yet, despite talking about health and wellness, the plight of people on the plantations in St. John, working one, two or three days – does not in the least bit seem to bother the DLP’s candidate – who seem more concern with feting and arranging “a home coming” at Martins Bay.

Given their respective presentation, it would seem that the BLP has embarked on a crusade to find the most caring people who are full of bright ideas and who have the type of skills and attitude Barbados needs to succeed.

But the star of the evening, without doubt, was Mia Mottley, who started her presentation by showing her humanity. As Opposition Leader, she had called on Barbadians to pray for David Thompson and last night – she extended “her deepest sympathy” to those who considered him “a friend, or family or your representative.“

Promising to speak three times in the campaign, last night, tomorrow night (Sunday, January 16th) and on Tuesday night (January 18th) under the theme, caring, sharing on Sunday night and daring on Tuesday night, the high point of her presentation was an initiative she called: “The Adopt a Family Programme,“ which she says will help everyone to get through this trying period.

Her’s was a mature, dignified, responsible and prime ministerial presentation, which demonstrates that Mia Mottley is the future of Barbados. It is this breath of fresh air and new energy, that independent voters were waiting for and without question, her presentation last night was the best speech of the By-election on both sides – to date.

Mia Mottley challenged Barbadian not to rely solely on the government but to take action in their own interest and reminded them that after January 20th there will be still serious issues to address.

Endorsing Hutson Griffith; calling for a new politics in Barbados, while offering real suggestions that will empower Barbadians who are suffering, Mia move the Barbados Labour Party’s platform into overdrive, and has set new high standards for the remaining of the campaign.

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