Give Yourself and St. John the Gift of Change and the Hope for a New Beginning – Vote Hudson Griffith

Given what we have accomplished together this past month, the difference between Hudson Griffith/Team BLP and the tired DLP that does not know what it is doing or what to do and its candidate – couldn’t be any clearer. Hudson Griffith is offering the hope of a new beginning and the opportunity for quality representation whereas the DLP and its candidate are offering more of the same – yet another ‘Thompson St. John Development Plan.’ They now even want to implement aspects of a national Health and Wellness & Active Ageing Programme, which was conceptualised by Henderson Bovell.

On January 20th, Give Yourself and St. John the Gift of Change and the Hope for a New Beginning - Vote Hudson Griffith. Barbados is counting on you!

They talk about making seniors a priority but do not seem concern that BARP members who live in St. John – cannot get their money out of Clico or that senior citizens who had their roofs blown off since October last year are still exposed to the elements.

Therefore, to continue to follow the DLP’s failed economic and social policies or its failed ‘slash and burn politics of the past’ — is not the kind of leadership or representation that could ever get Barbados back on track and on the path to strength and prosperity. So it is going to be up to you the people of St. John to lead the way.

Hudson Griffith/Team BLP are ready to serve you (the people of St. John) and give you the type of representation that does not take you for granted. But Team BLP cannot do it alone or in a single day. Thanks to supporters and patriotic Barbadians like you, change and a new beginning is coming to St. John and Barbados. Show your support for hope; a new beginning and a better St. John by voting for Hudson Griffith on January 20th 2011.

We are seeing a surge of support in areas of St. John for Hudson Griffith we really did not expect, still we cannot take anything for granted, as this election is way too important to ignore any potential path to victory. We therefore need your help right now. Here is how! Call a friend or a family member in St. John and invite them to give themself a chance by voting for Hudson Griffith. Remember also that, face-to-face contact is the still the most powerful way to get out the vote or persuade undecided voters. Send an e-mail, text or post this to your Face Book page. It would also be nice if for the next couple of days your privacy setting is set so “Everyone” can read your Wall.

Remember! Hudson Griffith does not want to be elected to Parliament to defend Clico‘s interest!

That has never been the BLP way! He cares about the things that are important to you and is therefore offering you hope and the opportunity for quality representation. These are the things and you are the one, Team BLP is fighting for. That is why it is so important to do the most you can possibly do to secure victory for yourself and “Team BLP” in these final days.

Thank you so very much for all you are doing and for accepting to intensify your efforts in the coming days to give yourself a change and St. John a new beginning with Hudson Griffith and Team Barbados Labour Party.

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