Conversation with the People of St. John – Wrap Yourself in the Flag

Henderson Bovell - Social Commentator; "Vote BLP on January 20th because it is in the national interest and is also the right thing to do."

It is unfortunate that you the people of St. John are being asked to vote for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) for no other reason on this occasion than for its candidate to be able to ‘continue the legacy of someone else.’ In contrast, the candidate of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) simply wants to serve and to ensure a new beginning for you the people of St. John. But can anyone seriously add to a legacy or subtract from it? Is it not true that either a legacy exists or it does not? Simply put, the DLP is inviting you – the people of St. John – to support its candidate, for no justifiable reason. Never before in the history of our country has anyone sought to be elected to the House of Assembly simply to continue somebody else’s legacy.

The mere fact that the DLP’ candidate for St. John wants to be elected in order to continue someone else’s legacy, suggests that the DLP has no new ideas or even ideas of its own, neither is it keen on introducing a new politics in Barbados. In contrast, the candidate of the Barbados Labour Party wants to usher in a new politics of development in St. John. It is why if you were to elect the DLP’s candidate, it will simply be just ‘more of the same’ but come January 21st we the people of Barbados will still be saddled with a Government we cannot afford.

Electing the candidate of the Democratic Labour Party will not result in the DLP finding new models to fuel this country’s future development or in the modernisation and expansion of the Barbados economy, neither will it result in BARP members getting any closer to getting their money from CLICO. It will not mean that grid lock on the roads will be solved or that the mess at the QEH will be fixed. It will not result in a reduction of the cost of living or in this country’s escalating crime rate. It will not mean that deserving people will immediately be allocated to those houses build by the Ministry of Housing and Lands/NHC over a year ago but which still remain un-occupied. It will not change the reality of too many, who – despite a 60% water increase – still cannot be sure that they will get water, each time they turn on their taps. It will not guarantee that no one will lose their jobs because the Minister has already told Barbadians, to brace for more layoffs.

Why reward the DLP with the St. John seat when crime is increasing, so too taxes and at a time also, when your pipes are still dry, despite you being asked to pay a 60% price hike?

But voting for the candidate of the DLP will most definitely mean – yet another fete; more touring, more talking and more promising. In fact the DLP’s candidate is promising to do exactly what the National Assistance Board and other Departments of Government have been doing for many years now. The DLP’s candidate even wants to implement the national health and wellness and active ageing initiative, which was conceptualise by Henderson Bovell. And so, it can only be concluded that were the people of the constituency of St. John to elect the DLP’s candidate – that would merely serve as the ultimate distraction for which the entire country will pay dearly. Barbadians must therefore guard their minds. The DLP is today substantially weaker without David Thompson and no one in that party or who that party runs, can replace him. The DLP is therefore in “panic mode.”

It is why the people of St. John must exercise their right, as guardians of the public trust. They must be aware that in 2008, the people of Barbados gave the BLP 10 seats, one of which left shortly after the election and went over to the DLP. That was clearly not what the people of Barbados intended because it gave the DLP the balance of power and a 2/3’s majority to tamper with the Barbados Constitution.

This is therefore the opportunity for the people of St. John to return that power to the people of Barbados, by voting for the BLP’s candidate. Secondly, by voting for the BLP’s candidate, it will send the right message to the Democratic Labour Party that they need to go back to the drawing board and work harder on behalf of the people of Barbados because we deserve better. Why reward the DLP with the St. John seat when crime is increasing, so too taxes and at a time also, when your pipes are still dry, despite you being asked to pay a 60% price hike?

Why give the DLP a 2/3’s majority when that could mean that they will tamper with the Barbados Constitution so that people living overseas can come here and influence the out come of our next general elections? That is why the St. John seat is so important to the DLP. They need you the people of St. John to give them control of Parliament but for the wrong reason. You will be no closer to the promised Rent Control Act, if you do.

But you have the power to cause the DLP to take fresh guard. I therefore urge you to wrap yourself in the flag. This is the transparency, accountability and good governance that David Thompson spoke passionately about and wants you to preserve as his legacy. So honour him by giving the power back to the people of Barbados, as expressed by him and the DLP in its 2008 manifesto.

Here is how to do it: When you give the Barbados Labour Party the St. John seat on January 20th 2011, the BLP will become the check in Parliament, which will ensure that the DLP cannot amend the Constitution of Barbados to send home public servants again or reduce their pay or status to their disadvantage. It will mean that the DLP will not be able to tamper with the Constitution in order to bring-in people from all over the world to vote in the up-coming general election. Preserve our democracy! Give Barbados a chance! Give St. John a New Beginning. Wrap yourself in the flag!

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  1. I think the whole issue is being blown out of proportion. The people of St. John is who asked Mrs. Thompson to run as their representative. Other candidates did go forward for nomination. After Mrs. Thompson close working relation with her husband helping the people of St. John, wouldn’t she the best person to continue in that capacity? She has more first hand knowledge about the genuine needs of the people and the opportunity to keep her husband’s legacy alive at least in that parish for the development of the people. The rest of the party has seem to lost focus sorry to say, but it is evident in their behaviour. It is time that the new P.M. puts his stamp of authority and for the Ministers to fall in line and get this country upward and onward. Mr. Thompson and i still aint get the help he was getting for me.


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